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Burning Tongue

Okay...this is not even mildly humourous anymore.  When my tongue first started burning, I thought it was freezer burn from eating ice cream.  Obviously, now that weeks more have passed, that's not the case.  I kid not..my tongue stings all the time and it is so painful.  I hate the litocain.  It seems worse to not feel your mouth at all!  I have 5 more weeks to go.  Is there any chance this tongue thing will go away?  
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There's only 2 things I know that cause this frequently while on hep c treatment...An oral fungal infection (like thrush) or a folic acid/ B-12 deficiency...Is your tongue bright red or have a whitish coating? Are you anemic? If it's fungal in origin, a simple mouth swish of a mixture of a children's thrush syrup, lidocaine, and Maalox (or just get a prescription of "Magic Mouthwash") and supplying a source of acidophilous (yogurt, capsules, etc) daily to your body...If it's a vitamin B deficiency, a high potency B complex vitamin will work, but it will take 1-2 weeks... Hope this helps!                             ~Melinda
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My tongue is bright red and does have a whitish coating.  My mouth is always really dry!  Literally I need fluids on hand at all times.  My throat constricts and I have lumpy nodules at the very back of the tongue.  I do have lidocaine...in fact I'll swish some now but I don't like the totally numb feeling.  You know you take something for a side effect and you get another one.  I am anemic and I also have hypothyroidism.  Maybe this has something to do with it.  Right after it started my TSH shot to 46.  They've given me synthroid for that.  You know the bottom line is...I just have to deal with all of this.  I never thought I could feel this bad.  This interferon/ribavarin is obviously some really toxic stuff.  I hope everybody gets rid of their Hep C and that none of us have to ever go through something like this again.  This treatment is only for the Brave at Heart!! :) Thanks, my name is Monica.  
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Stevia herb used as a mouthwash works.
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not exactly sure what it is but i have read that pharmasist can make something they call "magic mouthwash" that works wonders. maybe someone else can elaborate more on this.
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Thany you!  So many people have mentioned Magic Mouthwash.  I'm going to look for it this morning.  
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have your drs. considered maybe it is thrush
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Hi guys:

Magic Mouthwash was developed originally for cancer patients who develop sores and blisters inside their mouth. It is a mixture of Comfort Gel, Lidocaine, and Q-Dryl. (don't ask me what q-dryl is).  For me, WITH insurance, this medicine is $49.00. Yikes.  I have now asked my doctor to prescribe Lidocaine, and I will make my own. Supposedly, you use Maalox, Childrens liquid Benadryl and the Lidocane, but I don't know how much of each. I'll look it up when (if) I need to.  Now that I'm going back to work in Sept., I hope and pray so hard that these sores don't come back because it hurts and I look like a monster.

Also, if a person is a Herpes Simplex carrier, it can manifest itself while on tx. Even if you don't have outbreaks. This tx greatly comprimises our immune system.
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I had the same thing start a while back.  I finished tx Friday night.  I've been using regular mouthwash several/many times a day/evening and that seems to help me.  I'm thinking maybe in a month I'll notice a difference.  It has bugged me but I got used to it, I guess.
You are close to the finish line.  Hang in there!
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Nothing really worked for me and I had the tongue bumps pretty bad.

The great piece of news is not even two weeks after my last interferon shot it just magically up and went away!  So have hope.........you will make it even though it's a major pain in the neck (haha right)

My thyroid went about week 24 or so.......first went extremely hyper then extremely hypo (this is a very common thing to happen).  I already had the bumps though so I really don't think it has anything to do with that at all.

The doctors told me it's a reaction to the interferon so as you know that doesn't last in our bodies longer than a week...hang in there.......it will be over soon and they do NOT come back (thank God thank God thank God I can actually eat spicy food again!)

Good luck.

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Great news you are almost finished.
      But I had that burning tongue thing and was lucky enough to find something that worked. What I used was CARAFATE SUSP its very cheap and has been around forever. It is used for stomach ulcers and you need a prescription. So get your md to write Carafate Susp 8oz Sig: Use two tablespoonfuls in mouth swich for 1-2 minutes and then swallow as needed. After a day my tongue was improving. I never thought it would work.
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My understanding  from what I was told is the TX medicine allows the natural bacteria and yeast grow out of control, and one of the ingredients in the mix is an anti fungal.
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Will  the burning go away when I'm done with my treatment?
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Hello. wrelcome to the forum.
This post is 6 years old. I doubt anyone is still around.
If you have a querie, it's best to post it as a new question using the little brownish ovl box at the top of the page that says 'Post aq Question'.
Good luck.
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