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Can Hep c be transmitted thru a superficial scratch on the arm via blood?

Dear Sir,

I tried to help a girl (friend's friend) from hurting herself. She kept bashing her hand on the road. He knuckles were bleeding. In trying to help her, she scratched me (red gashes on the skin) on the arm. Her blood may have contacted the scratches on my arm but definitely contacted my intact skin. Any risks of Hepatitis C (and HIV) from such an incident if she is infected? I came to know she is a drug addict who suffered from depression. The scratches she inflicted on me were not deep. The skin had been red for 24 hours (subsided now) but was not oozing blood or anything. I have hep A and B vaccination, so am concerned about Hep C and HIV, particularly Hep C.

I posted this on the on the Men's health forum by accident. Sorry.

Thanks. Am just worried. Am I in any risk of Hep C (or HIV)?

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if you are concerned get tested it is really impossible for any of us to know if you contracted HIV or HCV.
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I guess the question should be: Has Hep C been known to transmit from infected blood through a superficial scratch in the skin to infect another person. But I hear you. Will get tested in 3 months (I believe that is the window period?). Thank you.
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There are a few "ifs" and none of us really can answer.  In a perfect world probably you wouldn't be infected, I wouldn't worry , but I would also get tested to be safe.
Good luck to you
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"The scratches she inflicted on me were not deep. The skin had been red for 24 hours (subsided now) but was not oozing blood or anything."
Did she break the Skin or not? If she didn't you are not at risk.
Next time let her hurt herself. You can't fix stupid.
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This I am not sure as what constitutes broken skin?

It wasn't really bleeding to the naked eye. Could have micro capillary tears? As far as I can tell, the epidermis looked intact and the redness was from underneath (like bruising, damaged capillaries under intact epidermis). The scratch looked like the marks left on you after you get caned by your mum as a child. But because they were caused by fingernails running along the epidermis, I am not sure if this constitutes "broken" skin. It is post-30 hours now and my skin looks perfectly normal now. Redness is totally gone.

Thanks for the advice.
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I think the events that you have had in the past months will cause you continued issues in the future. Really, "micro capillary tears"?  You mean compared to the humungo, giant, oversized mega-maxi capllaries?

And, if it's skin - call it skin.
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It was scratched. I don't know if its an open wound, like blood exposed etc...Anyway, I don't know if the skin was intact after I got scratched. It was certainly red. I hear you anyhow. Thanks.
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