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Cats and Hep C

Ive heard its not safe to have cats when u have Hep C. Something about cleaning the litter. Im really confussed about the risks of having cats as pets and my Hep C.
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Neither a cat nor hepatitis c are good for you.  One makes you itch and scratch.  The other makes you scratch and itch.  But, that's just from memory.
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You're talking about toxoplasmosis:

It's dangerous for a developing fetus.

I've never heard it as especially a problem for someone with hep C. I've always had cats. I've never had toxoplasmosis.
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From what I've read some people believe it is bad to keep cats when you are on tx as tx makes you more vulnerable to infection.  However, I have 3 cats and have had them on both treatments and I didn't catch any infection from them. I have also had cats during the entire time I have had Hep C and cleaned my fair share of litter boxes and there have been no illnesses arising from that.  I think cats are good for a person, unless you have an allergy!
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Nonsense ! I have never heard of this or read any studies pertaining to this. The only felines you don't want around you are the ones that are big enough to eat you :-)
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GreatBird is correct, changing cat litter is not recommended for pregy women

copyman, true... there has been a large influx of northeastern genius Botoxulinum Cougars here in south beach. One devoured a whole limo of young men last weekend.

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I don't know what I'd do without my kitties while on TX!  
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I hear ya!  This experience is so isolating.   My cats seem like the only ones who still like me!   Not to mention that since starting treatment I'm basically just a big cat pillow.  They will miss me when this is over and I actually have a life again!
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I think they are the only ones I don't want to bite their heads off!  Cat pillow, I can relate! A life, what is that??!!
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I don't know I think they could be good for you as nice little friends to help with that riba-rage on treatment if you ask me!

My doggie was a GREAT source of comfort!

(And regarding the pregnant thing...as long as you are not the one changing the litter or anything I sure wouldn't worry about getting rid of any kitty kats).
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There have been conversation here from time to time about "if my cat scratches me...and then scratches my kid/hubby/anyone...."


I'm thinking as long as they aren't scratching and biting you and other people it is fine.

Toxoplasmosis is the litter box issue and relates mostly to prego ppl.  Just be smart about handling (any) feces if your neuts a hit from the meds.

Personaly, I am a chihuahua pillow =)
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I have heard that litter boxes can be really bad for folks with immune problems such as HIV. I have never heard anything specific to HCV though.
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Annie, Arthursmom and I are cat pillows.  Love my cats (2-nuetered males)  they are my buddies.  
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unless you are going to live in a bubble you are going to be exposed to lots of potential pathogens every day.

Your dog can carry menigitis in his saliva, about 30% of dogs do carry this, your cat, well enough is above on that, then the worst culprits are people, they carry 2000 forms of rhino virus alone, remember that when you open doors, touch handles or shopping carts etc.

You cannot escape being exposed to germs. And birds and reptiles carry hundred of bugs some of which we can get.  The thing is, we usually don't.

If your immune system, particularly you white count gets too low, there are some precautions you can take,
I'd let your cat go outside if you are worried, so you don't have to handle the litter or feces.
However, As long as you have an animal keeping itself clean you are not at great risk. This does change if you have an old sick cat with a drippy situation. In that case it would be best to talk to your veterinairian about your options.

Most everyone on this forum has pets, and they are a great source of comfort to those undergoing treatment or suffering with this disease. I think someone is giving you a bum steer here. Get informed before you get too scared.
The reason pregnant women are warned is the infants get toxoplasmosis because they have no immune system...unfortunately this microbe is small and hence it passes through the mother's blood and placental barriers, and usually only harms the infant who has no ability yet to muster a defense. Once the spleen and lymphatic system is developed and through exposures after birth the infant will develop immunities to thousands of germs in record time.
Pregnant women can also aquire this from forgetting and leaving a tampon in place for longer than recommended. If they spot during pregnacy, and forget they inserted a tampon the breakdown of the blood produces this illness. For this reason pregant women should be warned against tampon use as well. I wonder how many cats have been blamed for what was really just a forgetful mother having done the above.

in any case, if you want to, you can also hire a neighborhood kid to come and deal with your cat box while you are on treatment. Do whatever will give you some peace of mind.

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I do have a cat but he is a barn cat, neutered, wormed, shots, and lots of lovin when he wants it.  He was not a concern for me BUT I also have a kennel, horses, chickens a pond, used to have goats.  My place was a sheep farm until the day we bought it.  The first two links are about leptospirosis which my vet clued me into and the last one is histoplasmosis which my chickens can carry. OH to answer your question I also heard about the preggo women thing and I would bet your cat is a house cat.....I wouldn't worry and enjoy the unconditional love from your pets.  


PS I still use wipies at the store 1 year post TX, turned me into a germaphobe LOL
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I think its the concern that when your immune system is not at its strongest due to treatment, one might be more at risk to catch toxoplasmosis.  When pregnant, women are advised not to change the litter because getting toxoplasmosis during pregnancy can be dangerous to the fetus.

I have two cats and during treatment I made the slave labor (affectionately known as my son) clean the litter box.  I ended up having to do it myself a couple of times and I just wore disposable rubber gloves and washed up very thoroughly afterwards.  My kitties helped me make it through tx!
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