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Chances of re-emergence after a year of SVR?

I have now been a year SVR and am very worried because it seems like every week a new crop of strange symptoms appear.  Lately I have been feeling extremely fatigued , toxic feeling and shaky.  Also, experiencing alot of brain fog.  I know the chances after a year of SVR of the virus coming back is slim but are there cases of just such a thing happening?  The only thing I can attribute my symptoms to other than the  virus being back is that my body may still be harboring residual medication (Riba).  I figure that the literature states that it takes up to 6 months for Riba to leave the body entirely and I did do 3 treatments almost back to back.  Do you guys think maybe its just the residual riba causing this toxic fatigued feeling and not the virus rearing its head?  I honestly feel sicker and sicker every week since being off the meds. I shoulsd also note my last viral load test(Heptimax) was 1 month ago and it came up negative for the virus.  Any thoughts, insight or experiences would be helpful thanks.
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Glad to hear the third time was a charm. I have also wondered about the riba as it has taken me 18 months to start to feel as close to normal as before treatment. The fatigue, insomnia and muscle weakness still came in waves after tx but has finally settled down. Hope symptoms subside for you going forward.

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Also, I forgot to note that I have been having liver pains as well as that "swelling" feeling in my liver.
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In wondering if there was any connection between feeling the after effects of treatment when the meds were stopped and little research out there about Ribavirin that I had started doing a little research myself and had come to the conclusion that the miracle of ribavirin is still a mystery to everyone. It did seem to me that if the ribavirin was locked in the red blood cells until the cell was replaced some 6 months after the last dose and 40 more days after that until the cell was replaced why wouldn’t it be logical for it to remain in the brain aqueous compartments even longer, yup just a mystery.


It appears
that aerosol administration of ribavirin allows the drug to go
directly to the brain via the carotid arteries, while the
parenterally administered drug must first pass the liver,
where much of it is eliminated from the serum. Accumulation
of ribavirin in the brain suggests that ribavirin is trapped
within the aqueous compartments of the brain and has a
greater half-life than it does in serum. Since the active
intracellular form of ribavirin is ribavirin triphosphate, it is
important to determine if the higher, sustained levels of
ribavirin also are reflected in higher ribavirin triphosphate

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Saint don't worry I don't believe there is a snowballs chance that you relapsed after a year.

Many of us find that after so much interferon for so long (face it a normal typical tx isn't  what we've really done any longer) that all sorts of things crop up.  Tomorrow is my three year SVR anniversary and yes while I get these things sometimes I've always been UND - even just six months ago.

The odds have to be staggering against it happening and honestly I don't remember one person that we knew well in here that it has ever happened to. Ever.
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What really has me spooked is that these awful symptoms of fatigue, liver pain and swelling along with brain fog have intensified  in the last few weeks ever since I had a few glasses of wine and haven't gone away since.  Could drinking alcohol somehow re-activate the virus?  NyGirl do you still experience any of these symptoms still?
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if a glass or two of wine made that big a difference we'd all be relapsed by now - believe me.  I'm sure it's probably just a coincedence.

To this date I have good days and bad - mostly I forget all about it.  But unfortunately LOTS Of us have developed stomach issues we never had before, they can mimic the idea of liver pain pretty well (like once I convinced myself I had a lump and kept poking and poking until I actually DID have pain cause I"m an idiot ;)

I am of the mind if you don't have the virus you could drink a bottle of Jack and how could it come back?  If you don't have the flu you aren't going to get it from a couple glass of wine right?

I don't believe much i the occult virus stuff - mostly because of just these reasons I've never seen anybody just come down with the virus again cause they had a glass of Crystal.  Isn't feasible.

I don't know what could be causing the brain fog except stressing probably isn't helping at all.  If you are REALLY concerned go get the test then you'll see you are fine and maybe all the symptoms will resolve.  I am thinking positively here!
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