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GT3 on harvoni riba 2wk labs

The doctor called today with my results and said that my very high viral load of 60 million had come down to 160 in just two weeks, and all my other labs were in the normals ranges :). I thought that was a huge amount of viral die off in a short time.  I was thinking that because my load was so high it would take longer than most people, but it appears the harvoni just brings everyone's down to nothing in short order,  interesting stuff!  I hope I still hold clear after treatment.  That's the real test, especially since I am not doing SOC.

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This is really great news. You are headed in the right direction. Keep fighting the fight
Best to you
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Thanks for responding Deb.  Always nice to have your post recognized by someone!  Another interesting thing that I was concerned about impacting my results is the fact that I am on steroids (prednisone).  My hepatologist said they don't really have the data as to whether it impacts treatment negatively or not, and advised I get off the steroids as quickly as I can.  Problem is, I can't taper off any more quickly than I am at this point, as 1 mg every two weeks really causes a flare in my cryo symptoms (and myasthenia gravis).  So no matter what I try, I won't be off the Pred (I'm down to 5 mg now) by the end of treatment).  At least it feels very unlikely right now.  I'm trusting that I'll be ok.  Hector just SVR'd on low dose pred as do many transplant patients.  

The first two weeks I felt better than I have felt in years energy and mood wise.  Unfortunately I am feeling pretty bad now.  Incredible joint, nerve and horrendous low back pain.  I can't tell if it's the steroid taper or the harvoni or riba.  Or a combo.  Not a lot of fun!
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Geno 3 harvoni????

Is this USA.. Didn't think it was FDA approved for geno 3???

Is it good against geno 3??
I am geno 3 too.

My vl is 31 million... So here's hoping if yours started 60 million down to 160 in 2 weeks!!! Crazy.. You should rvr at 4 weeks then .. Fingers crossed!!!

Just curious as to harvoni with geno 3 though???

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Hi Alico,

No, it's not FDA approved.  I got it approved off label due to cryoglobulinemia.  If I wasn't so sick I would have most dedinitely avoided the ribavarin altogether and gone for the daklinza that is due out in June that has solid  data on its 95%+ success rate in gt3, and a minimal side effect profile.  Harvoni has only been tried in 26 test subjects, and though the data looked good in that small group, it is nowhere near enough to guarantee any kind of results in a larger group.  If you aren't desperate (f4 +), hold on to the targeted gt3 treatments just around the corner.  Ribavirin is no fun!
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This is the BEST news!!

Awesome! Just awesome!!

Continued blessings,
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Wow!,  Quite a change!!  What encouraging news, especially since it is not SOC!  Keep on keeping on!!

Praying for a complete victory over the Dragon!!,

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P.S,  Where did you hear/read that Daklinza would be approved i. June?  I have been looking for an update, but haven't seen one?

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