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HCV HIV delays in window period?

Hey guys.  Over 7 months ago I had protected sex with a prostitute of unknown status who appeared to have been mentruating (not sure).  A few days ago I got tested for both HIV and HCV antibodies and they were both negative.  Can I accept these results as conclusive?  I was ready to move on but I started reading stuff about coinfection and how that can delay the window period for both viruses.  Do you guys think I should get tested again?  Or are these results 6+ months post exposure enough?
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A six month neg for hiv and hcv puts you in the clear.  Stop testing/stop worrying.

However, were you tested for hep B?  B is a classic std and is easily transmitted through

sexual activity.  In all probability, you will be neg.  But if i were you, i would get tested

for hep B, only for peace of mind.

Your six month neg for hiv/ hep c is definite.

After your hep b test is neg, get the vaccine.  Unfortunately, there is not a hep c vaccine

available at this time or hiv, for that matter.
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Thanks for the prompt advice.  I forgot to stay that 3 months after my possible exposure I got a full STD panel (Hep B included) and that came out negative as well.  Do you still think that I need to get tested for that again?  I was just concerned with HIV and HCV cos I heard that the window period might be as long as 6 months when coinfection occurs.
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No, you are in the clear for the big 3.  stop testing and don't worry any more.

Learn from this and remember the worry and anxiety you put yourself through the next

you are tempted to 'walk on the wild side.'  Play with fire enough times and you will get

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You ought to consider the Hep B vaccine.  A series of three shots.
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The reason I got tested the 1st time around (3 months post exposure) was because a girl that I was dating at the same time tested positive for Hep C antibodies (but neg. for the virus).  So I got really scared thinking that I was the one who gave Hep C to her.  My results were neg. but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't the person she got it from so I decided to take another test at 7 months.  Which brings me to another concern of mine...

The girl I was dating swore that she had never injected needles or anything like that.  She's had unprotected sex before but she denied ever doing anything that would put her at considerable risk for HCV.  Do you think it's possible that I was the one who gave her Hep C even though I've tested negative for HCV antibodies at 3 months AND 7 months post exposure?  This is why I'm so worried about HCV / HIV coinfection cos I heard so many stories about the two viruses extending each other's window periods.  I did an HIV PCR DNA test almost 2 months after my encounter with the prostitute and that came out negative.  Do you still think I don't need anymore testing?
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Let me ask you something.  how could you possibly give your friend something you don't have?

you are neg for hep c/hiv/ hep B.  There is NO way your friend has hep c from you.

Btw, ask your friend to have the 'Riba' test.  This is a VERY specific confirmatory

antibody test for hep C.  If her screening test was a 'weak pos' (ratio < 2 or so), there is

a good chance the riba test will be neg, which means the screening test was false pos.

tell her to get moving on this.  Hopefully, she will hear some good news.
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