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Hemoglobin drop - gee, thanks Riba

That didn't take long

Started off with a good high level HMG of 14.7

2 weeks of treatment with Harvoni and Riba

Down to 12

Could explain why I am feeling pretty s*****
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But check this out:

ALT went from 44 to 21

AST went from 71 to 36

This is after 12 days of treatment.
Go Harvoni!!!
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Hey there!  I am so sorry to hear.  Wow, you started up there where I did.  I was 14.8, dropped to 9.7.  I could barely move.  I called my doc they told me to rest, lay down.  All around me people were receiving helper drugs.  My doc says, rest, lay down.  I didn't have a lot of choice, it was lay down or fall down.  Don't push yourself.  Be nice to you like you would be to family or friends.  My thoughts are prayers are with you my friend :)
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I also started at 14.something and in 2 weeks down like that.  By 5 weeks was 8.6 or8.8 (sometimes a bad memory is not a bad thing, he he), anyway it did start improving some after that and stablized at 9.5 til EOT.  Like Dee's Doc said, just lay down and rest, then do it some more.  we have a walker we had gotten for general use at our small church.  Who knew?  I was the one using it til EOT so, like Dee, again, I didn't fall down.  Borrow one if you don't have one - no need to buy one as this IS temporary!  It is a great stablizer when trying to walk or stand for more than a minute or two, AND you have a built in seat, right with you when you really need it.  I did continue to use it for a couple od weeks after meds, but my HMG came back up fairly rapidly!

This is doable, my dear, hang on!  


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So happy to see a nice drop in ALT/AST. I hope the hemoglobin doesn't fall any further. Be careful when you stand up from a laying down or even a sitting position. That can make you very dizzy. The good thing is, treatment doesn't last too long so you will be on the road to recovery rather quickly.
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Hmmmm.   12 is pretty good with that Riba kicking your a$$.  I would say celebrate at the moment as "Your going to be in for a rocky ride".  The very best advice I can give you is to Rest Rest Rest!  Try to sleep thru the worst of times and celebrate your amazing ALT/AST drop thru the best of times.  You've walked down this partial road (minus Riba) before and know what to expect.  Your one strong cookie and I know how important it is for you to get
thru this.  As is your nature you will face this head on and roll with the punches.  I hope you know that you WILL reach SVR when this is over. Do what you must BUT make sure you LISTEN to your body.  Don't forget that a big Hmg drop should it occur needs to be addressed by your Dr.  Your doing double duty with this combo on almost uncharted waters.  Keep in touch with Lynn as she's a few steps ahead of you on her Tx journey. As always, rooting for you both to knock this thing outta the park.  What we all started together needs to be finished but proceed with caution should that Hmg drop to low.
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Similar for me too

Before riba HGB 14.1

Week 1   HGB 11.9

Week 2   HGB 10.3

Week 3   HGB 9.3

So we dose reduced from 1200 mg to 1000 mg.

Now holding steady at the minimum my doctor wants to see 10.0.

Haven't been checked since 3/17/15 next test will be EOT May 4th

27 days to go yay!

Good luck to you hang in there
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