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Hep C positive test result

Hi there everyone! Im kinda new here and just been diagnosed through a blood test with Hepatitis C. It was a routine test from my Rheumatologist. Im hoping its a false positive but chances are its not. My luck hasnt been so good this year starting in Jan with being told I have diabetes and my kidneys are releasing to much protein in my urine.  I was wondering if anyone can answer this question for me about prednisone. My doctor put me on this for some issues I was having with my butt cheek and leg hurting all the way to my ankle. I think its my schiatic nerve, she gave me 40mg of prednisone a day for 3 days then cut it down to 20 mg a day for 4 days to wean me off it. A week and a half after coming off prednisone I had a bunch of blood work done and it came back positive for Hep C.  I know prednisone can cause false positives on some test but can it cause a false positive for Hep C??  Only answer please if you know for sure the answer to this because I am really scared right now for my 2 daughters whom I am hoping do NOT have this Hep C too..... Has anyone been told they have Hep C after 1 blood test but due to being on prednisone it was a false positive?  PLEASE help, thank you
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My research shows no link to prednisone and a false positive for hep C.  Let me ask what did your results show:  Anti-HCV positive or HCV RIBA positive?
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all they told me was I tested positive for Hep C.....that was the extent of my phone call.....they have left me hanging, only learned what it is due to research on the web
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Most of us were shocked and upset when first diagnosed.
If your worried about your kids having it, then rest assured that if you are hep C positive, there is a chance that they do have it, but many, many people here have raised kids, never knowing they had hep C, and their children didn't have it.

You need a doctor you trust. You have the right to copies of all your blood work.
If you are in doubt, get another test, or see another doctor.
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When I was diagnosed, I was upset & worried my family didn't have it. The doc assured me my wife didn't have it, kids didn't have, but get my wife  get a C check. She hasn't gotten one yet but shall soon.

I was notified Memorial Day(almost the anniversary) weekend by phone by my PCP who I've know & joked with for years......I trust this person.....In fact last Tuesday was the first time I've seen him since the tx started.....he referred me to a hepatologist.....so I've put my trust in my new buds.....
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