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I have everything that Dawn 703 describes including severe nerve pain behind my right eye and the right side of my nose.  So severe that I had to begin Lyrica in 2005 and it doesn't rid me of it, just enables me to function.  Anyway, I am on a clinical trial and began treatment Apr. 19.  By week 2 I was UND.  Finished the 3 months of treatment July 9.  Just found out today that 4 weeks after finishing the study meds I am UND.  BUT I still have all the same symptoms.  Study Dr. said it takes months and months to see improvement if it is connected to the Hep C which I contracted at age 18.  I am 60 now.  How long does it generally take for the extra hepatic symptoms to abate?
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Congrats on being UND!!!  :)  :)

Just based on what I have noticed it seems like for the longest time extrahepatic manifestations were discounted especially for those who are not cirrhotic. It seems like many doctors did not connect HCV to other little maladies since the prevailing thought at the time was that  Hepatitis C is largely asymptomatic.

HCV is largely asymptomatic however there have been several conditions that have been linked to HCV. Many times treating the HCV is in essence treating the underlying condition.  Based on what I have read here on the forum, in some cases the symptoms begin to subside as treatment progresses and in some cases the person ultimately discovers that HCV turned out not to be related to their condition after all.

The PDF in Dawn's post lists several conditions which in some way have been linked to Hepatitis C (or those who have it). I encourage you to read it. As it happens, Degenerative Disk Disease is not mentioned on this particular document. You probably know more about your condition than any of us but the one person I know who has it experienced relief with yoga and exercising in water.

Degenerative disk disease (DDD) is one cause of back and neck pain. Usually the result of the natural aging process, degenerative disk disease (DDD) is a type of osteoarthritis of the spine.   Hepatitis C is related to arthritis but not osteoarthritis which really implies that the joint has worn out with age.



I hope those who experienced relief of pre-treatment symptoms post their experiences. Meanwhile I encourage you to pursue this with your study doctor as has access to your complete medical history.

I know you did not mention Fibro but since you take Lyrica *and are responding to it) I thought I would post this:

HCV & Fibro:
The HCV Advocate in the above link states, "Although fibromyalgia has not been linked to hepatitis C, it is a condition that is more commonly found in people with hepatitis C." This link expands on HCV & Fibro:


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What are you talking about? I don't have severe nerve pain and I never described having severe nerve pain.
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If you are referring to me mentioning extrahepatic manifestations, I did have some and they went away 2-3 weeks into treatment. I also had some joint pain in my hips and shoulders. Hip pain from my degenerative disc disease and shoulders from probable arthritis (which I have had for years). This pain went away once I started treatment, I thought they too were then extrahepatic manifestations or wished. However, by the time treatment ended, the pain came back. I found out that interferon has anti-inflammatory properties, hence taking my pain away. It was just wishful thinking on my part that the pain was extrahepatic manifeststion as well.

Did you have this pain before treatment, develop it while on treat, or after treatment? I'm not too sure anyone can answer your questions. Here is something to read:


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Pain started before treatment. I have the degenerative disc stuff and the joint stuff.  Thank you for the link I will read it.
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I was not saying that you said you had severe pain, I was saying that I have everything that you have including severe pain, meaning on top of what you have.  Sorry about my wording.  
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I really don't want to have to deal with attitude on this community.  I want to feel like we are here to support each other, be honest, but also kind, please everyone.  
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