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I feel depression since I know I have hepatitis C. advice me

im 35 years old and since i know i have virus c i dont sleep well or eat well and im always afraid of all foods and drinks. its long story but, PCT 6 months ago was 24800 and fibrosis scan F1 5.8 all tests and ultra sound is ok except fatty hebatitis changes. adive me shall i start taking harvoni now or i wait first to feel ok and back to my normal life and weight? i need advice please.
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Well the good news is you have a very low viral load and have very little liver damage which will heal after you cure your hep c. Do you have genotype 1, 4,5 or 6? If you have a different genotype like 2 or 3 then Harvoni is not the correct treatment for you.
The only drinks you should not have are those containing alcohol other than that just a normal health diet is fine. In fact even a less than perfect diet won't harm you either you don't need to be afraid of most normal foods if you have a specific food you are worried about ask us here and we will try to help.

Any time you feel up to starting treatment is fine the choice is yours. You could start now or wait until you feel ready you do not need to rush since you don't really have much liver damage.

Good luck
Flyinlynn You can be a  good doctor. I wish my doctor told me that from first time but here sometimes doctors works for money. my hep is genotype 4 so harvoni is the perfect drugs for it. I do not drink at all, only like one beer every year and i stopped smoking 1 year ago. before I know that I have hep c, i was very good. now, i wake up every morning with no power and feel so hungry and my energy like go down a bit by bit and when i eat or drink water with sugar i feel ok a bit. no matter what i eat, i dont feel im done and still feel hungry. I know, i checked Gelucos i made tests again on albumin and anzims and creatine. all is normal and ultra sound is just bright liver and fatty changes. il make hep A and B test although i made B last year and its negative. i want to walk and work like before. i need a hug
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Hi there,  try not to let yourself go into depression, sometimes I think that we just go with  it rather than fight those thoughts away. That 's exactly what the devil wants you to do , is to listen to he hopeless thoughts he throws at you.
Happens to me a lot. I have to fight it by getting up, get dressed, brush teeth, go for a walk, make a plan to  do  things through the day, but not over do it.
Sounds simple, but it helps.  I was depressed when i first found out about the hep c too. But there are such good meds here now, that there is a lot of hope.
In  His name , hang in there.
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Losing weight is the best thing you can do.  It will increase likelihood of success should you ever decide to treat, and it will also vastly increase your odds of living a long healthy life without ever doing treatment.

Note the following:

1)  Group of Irish women infected with Hep c never felt sick until told they had Hep C, whereupon they developed huge anxiety.  None had developed cirrhosis after 22 years:


2)  Only 4% of a group of Hep C infected German women with normal body mass index had developed cirrhosis after 34 years.  23% of "obese" women had:


3)  CDC:  only 1 to 5 out of 100 people infected with Hep C will die of it, as opposed to with it.


4)  The odds of passing Hep C through normal sexual intercourse are 1 in 190,000.


5) Gilead never lies (not):


Don't let the corporate interest (or doctors who fail to tell you the above) create irrational fear in your brain.
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