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Ladies - Menopause and TX ?

Suffering form overheating (see prior post) and am wondering if this could be a combo of tx sx AND menopause?

Was perimenopausal before my first tx 5 years ago and, even tho I didn't clear, once off tx my periods became more regular for a short while.  Then I started having whole body hot flushes and very irregular cycles again.  I was taking natural progesterone prior to this tx and that really levelled out the hot flushes.  

This time, due to being in a trial, I had to discontinue the progesterone.  I haven't had a period since starting tx. Now I have started overheating and wonder if it could be linked to menopause.

The sense of overheating is very different from the one I was having prior to tx but I'm curious to know if anyone else experienced this.  

It is definitely related to sunrise and sunset, all good during the dark hours.  Maybe I am just transforming into a vampire?

Ladies, any thoughts, comments, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Epi :)
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I can tell you tx can mess with your cycle. I had not had one for a year and 10 months. The hot flashes had finally gone away. Then I started treatment on a Friday and by Tuesday I had a cycle and the hot flashes were back.  I found chewing or sucking on ice kept that feeling of heat rolling up my chest and into the top of my forehead at a bearable level. ...Well all except that time I ran down the hall naked at work becuase the heat was to intense! .... ;-) Just joking.  
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I suffered from hot flashes for years and finally my mother talked me into going on a low dose estrogen and they went away the next day. I was planning on taking it through out the TX just to have one less misery. The last 2 weeks or so I have noticed some night sweats coming back on but who knows what is the meds and whats menopause.
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no menopause here.  just super heavy ones and i feel like i can't go to school but i still do bc missing school for a period is just not worth it.  timing is usually regular except for exam times.  

not really sure what hot flashes are.  but i do get these sudden 'panic attack' like symptoms where my eyes just get blurry and my stomach sinks and i have trouble breathing.  does this sound like hot flashes?  i solve it by taking a break from what i'm doing and sitting and drinking plenty of water. or taking an anti dizziness pill.  

good luck!
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Jeez, what next?  Like tx isn't enough...

It certainly sounds like the Big M...thankfully, I'm well past that.

I can tell you that hormonal tx are potentially creating more harm than good.  I made it thru the flashes with an herbal suppliment of black cohash..it worked great!  However, I don't think you're supposed to take in any herbs while on tx..I had 2 drs. tell me, "No herbs."

I feel terrible for you.  this just confirms that life it not fair.
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I'm feeling the heat more than I ever used to (and I'm post tx by 6 weeks).   My blood pressure is still on the lowish side rather than normal and I wondered if that may have anything to do with it.    I used to be able to handle the hotest hotest summer;  but not this year!!  
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lalapple--hot flashes feel more like a niacin rush to me (a surge of heat that runs through my body). what you described sounds more like a panic attack (more adrenalin based).

PegOnPeg--black cohash is one of those herbs that's got liver warnings.
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