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Mother has very high ammonia levels due to hep c

My Mother has chronic hep C. She has been in and out of the hospital for about 2weeks now. On average she goes to the E.R. atleast once or twice a month because her ammonia level gets too high.Last week she went into the E.R. and when I got there her level was so high she didn't even know who I was, she was shakeing real bad and kept repeating the same thing over and over. It was like one minute she was aware of things, and the next she was ''out of it''. like I said she's been in the hospital because of this before, but lately she's been in there every other day. I'm very worried about her. Her liver doc says she has cirroses of the liver. Her ammonia level was 174. I'm just afraid her liver will crash. It's scary when she's so bad she doesn't know who I am.She is going to have a liver biopsy next week. My question is how high can her ammonia levels be before it will put her into acoma or worse?
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Does the doctor have her on Laculose? That is given to those who have this problem. If she is on Laculose, is she taking it like she is supposed to? If she is not on it, see if you can talk to the doctor about that.

I can't comment on the levels but that would be a good thing to discuss with the doctor or nurse.
She's lucky to have you advocating for her. It's good a biopsy is being done. That will help. Best of luck, see if you can determine if she is taking Laculose to help reduce the ammonia levels.
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hi! my ammonia levels have been running about 200 even with lactulose and flagyl,to maybe give you some insight,sometimes i am more on the ball than other times regardless of the high numbers for me its more of an instant recall thing good luck to you and mom!
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Hello Kalio1,
Yeah, she is takeing laculose.As a matter a fact um...
the last time she was in the E.R. they told her to double up on it. I don't think these doc here know what they are doing sometimes. She has a liver doc in Oklahoma City. He saw her this week and was amazed that she was still here. It sure is frustrating yah know? I mean I never know when her ammonia levels will get so high that shes back in the I.C.U. All I do is pray every night that she will be okay the next day. Well, I have a question um,how hard do u think it would be to have the docs take some of my liver out to give it to her? She's got hep c pretty bad. It's at a level 4.I figure since I'm 22,I young enough to bounce back from it. I would sure like to get ur input on that. I hope to hear from u
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Wow!! I didn't realize levels could get that high. I don't know how u get, But when my Mom's levels get high
it's like she's 2 years old or something. She doesn't know where or who she is-pretty scary. If u don't mind asking, what level of hep c do u have? My Mom is at a level 4 which is the worst I think. Maybe we could keep in touch I really don't have anyone to talk to when it comes to this kind of stuff it sure is reasureing that we are not alone in this fight. Bless u and thanks for ur input!
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I would speak to her doctor about her transplant status, has she been evaluated for transplant?How is her diet? I would discuss this with the doctor too to see if that can help. You can also ask the doctor about you sharing your liver. I'd make a list of the questions so you can get him to answer them all.

Im so sorry you are going through this, it must be very scary for you. You stay strong and try to get the health care workers to help you figure out what is going to happen and how you are to deal with it all. Please, see if you can get some help dealing with this. The ammonia causes a form of dementia and that is very hard on you, especially dealing with it alone. Find others who have gone through this, contact your local Hospice and tell them your story. You might contact the doctor's office and discuss with them the issues you are having as her caretaker and see if they can line you up with some support in dealing with this. Try the Ombudsman program at the hospital that is there to help you and assist you in going about caring for someone in her condition or ask for help for support services from the doctor's office staff.
She acts that way because the ammonia affects her thinking process. I'd ask questions about what the plan is from here and ask for some help.
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i hope you read this i have hep c geno type 1 and have had it either 34yrs or 22 yrs, im for sure no expert on the disease but have studied it since my dx in 2004 trying to stay alive, my daughter would also love to give me some of her liver,but from what ive read those surgeries are mostly being done on babies sometimes the high numbers on my ammonia levels dont necessarily reflect on how retarded my brain is ,like i said before it must be other things like her blood counts as well , i always know who people are just their names elude me i hope this helps you, feel free to ask anything, by the way im not treating for the hepc right now im too poor a candidate, im on hold, as in for dear life!!
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