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Platelets count

1:.during treatment of interferon therapy platelets count  has reached 33000.kindly give me suggestion may i continue to the therapy or should i stop?...and also told me if i stopped..what precautionary measure i adopt to increase platelets count.
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Hi, 33,000 is very low, what has  your doctor said?  Have they reduced your medication?...or given you a rescue drug?  Could you say what medication you are on?  What Geno Type you are?  The results of  your biopsy or fibroscan? More information would help others help you with information.
Thank you
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Doc adviced to stop interferon therapy..he has given in medication mosegar syrup,polybion forte syrup,and Silliver for one week.
Actually my mother has hepa c,before interferon therapy doctor has done bone marrow biopsy test.
Her blood is contineously dropped to 6 hb.doc tranfuse her 3 unit of blood.After that his bllod CP was 10.2 hb,platelets 150000,kindly suggest may i countinue the interferon therapy or not with 33000 platlets
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As per my findings from google her blood CP test is normal except blood hb and platelets count..
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With your platelet count being so low, has the doctor considered the possibility that you may have Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura?  It isn't uncommon to find it is a secondary condition related to HCV.

My husband started treatment w/ his platelets at around the 50-60 range on his platelets.  Sadly, treatment has caused his platelets to drop further into the 20-30 range.  His doctor did have him skip 2 Pegasys shots but then had him start Promacta to help boost his platelets.  Yesterday's platelet count was up to 36.  At one point, he dropped to 12, had a gall bladder attack and ended up in the ER.  The next day his platelet count had more than doubled as his body's immune system reacted to the inflammation in his gall bladder.   Yesterday was his last day of Incivek and I hope that his labs start to show improvement for the remainder of his treatment with one less medication to bring it down.

Regardless, it is a very delicate balancing game that your particular doctor may not be comfortable with.  Yes, being that low isn't ideal and borderline dangerous.  There is a difference between what the normal range is for healthy people as compared to the range for people on treatment.  
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Thanks for reply..today lab report is showing 30 thousand platelets which is very low as compared to previous report.HP is 8.3 and WBC is 3400.Tomorrow i have appointment with my doc,no mam doc neither suggest any lab test like yours husband nor suggest any medicine for platelets..besides low platelets count her blood HB dropped to 8.3 with 3400 WBC..
you have mentioned promacta to boost platelets count...kindly tell me is your husband's blood HB and wbc is normal during pegasys therapy or continuously dropped.
your kind response is helpful for me for early diagnosed.
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Sir your kind response is highly appreciated..
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  What you are describing is kind of a typical reaction to the Hep C virus,when someone has cirrhosis (the platelets dropping that low) A person with platelets lower than 20,000 does run the risk of bleeding to death, if they were to sustain an internal injury from, say..a car injury, while their platelets were that low.
   I do know people who have completed Treatment,with low platelets like that, but the low HGB is also a problem.  How many more weeks of Treatment is there?
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dear only 2dose of pegaysy injection has been taken and  such complication is being observed.her blood HB and platelets are continuously before or after the interferon therapy.Doc advised to take thormomax to boost HB but did not give any special to boost platelets.. All the lab reports are clear like endoscopy etc..problem are same as mentioned in subject..
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While on triple therapy his WBC's have ranged from 1.7 to 2.8, RBC 3.4 to 4, HBG between 10 and 12 (with Procrit), Platelets between 20 and 36 (was at about 60 before treatment if I remember correctly), and his Absolute Neutrophils between .5 and .9.  These are the most significant numbers that I personally keep an eye on (sometimes hubby's explanation is a bit hazy/off when he tells me).

Thursday is the first lab work done without the Incivek.  I am definitely interested in seeing how his numbers respond w/ just the Ribavirin, Pegasys, Procrit, and Neupogen.  I hope that the slightly less burden on his body will show a slight increase in his counts.
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Dear Shdwsldy good going..much improvement is showing in your husband's lab reports.May God bless him with good health.And also pray for my mom..
keep work hard and keep an eye on  lab's report and throughly consult with your doctor.
Platelets are again low...what will you do? Are you going through promacta medicine?kindly update me time to time for my better understanding.
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Well, I finally had to dig out the hubby's results from yesterday.  His counts seem to be on the down hill side of a fluctuation as they are a little bit lower than last week.  Not a whole lot, but I think that explains his poor mood yesterday :(   RBC 3.75, WBC 1.8, Platelets 34, HGB 12.1.  If anything they are pretty much in the usual steady pattern.

I can't remember if his Dr. had told him to increase his Ribavirin/Pegasys back up or not.  I swore that wasn't supposed to be until today.  But it could have been last Friday and may explain the fluctuation.  Otherwise, he's still continuing with the Neupogen and Promacta.
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Dear kindly tell me the latest result..
as doc advice to stop interferon therapy from 2 month due to her platelets counts..now yesterday lab result has shown much increase in platelets count..it has reached to 137000,with 10.9 hb,with 3 unit of blood transfused..
kindly update me
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His platelet count has made some modest recovery now that he's done with the Incivek although it does still fluctuate.  I believe one count he was back up into the 50's but the following week he fell back down into the 30's.  His hematologist apparently is NOT thrilled at all with the lack of recovery of his labs and that his hepatologist hasn't been communicating with him.  (I hope it doesn't turn into a "pissing contest" between the two")  They have since doubled his Promacta up to 50mg/day.

After last week's lab results, the hematologist prescribed him another shot to help boost his neutrophils.  I can't recall the name of it, but it was similar to Neupogen.

His hematologist has also adjusted his Pegasys dosages as well.  He alternates his dosages between 90 for one week and 130 the next week.

As we are nearing the end of treatment I'm a bit concerned that his body is not going to recover very well on his CBCs etc.  The hematologist seems to think that his body isn't producing as it should be, but I wonder with his aggressive autoimmune system that it isn't attacking portions to keep his counts down (he also has burnt out AIH).  I guess time will tell.
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Dear shdwsldy kindly use apple juice with lemon drop in it to boost platelets count.
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