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Post treatment side effects

My husband will be finishing his 24 week treatment (peg-intron/ribviran) (Viral load undetectable for the past 90 days)
His side effects have been The Joint & Bone Pain as well as a lot of psych/brain fog etc. issues. We have handled all this rather well I think. Anyway, I am reading articles as well as the threads here regarding how long these symptoms may last and it doesn't look promising. The Pain issues and the possibility of ongoing fibromyalgia and/or CFS while awful, would, I believe be somehow manageable, however, my husband does not tolerate ANY psych drugs well at all. Right now In a house with three teenagers and Three Elderly parents he cannot tolerate more than one person speaking a few words at any given time....He confuses easily and while he is not quick to anger, he has a very low tolerance for ANYTHING. I guess my question here is is there anyone out there that can direct me to some alternative, homeopathic or any treatments for these symptoms other than anti depressants or mood elevators?.
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I started to feel stronger in a couple of weeks and it was better from there for about a month.  Still waiting on my hair to grow back.
If he gets good test results he should feel on top of the world!
I hope he feels better soon.
Good Luck to both of you.
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Thanks, His test results so far have all been excellent. Dr's in Bryan are great, I'm really hoping that the reduction in stress from the treatments will help
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I am just starting my 34th week and find exercise has really helped me deal with the side effects of the Interferon & Rib.
I sometimes go in twice a day train hard and spend some time socializing meeting new members.

It relieves alot of my stress and anger and helps me feel good about myself.  I think you might want to consider getting him a one month trial membership along with a caring, understanding trainer.  I know within a week he will feel much better about himself.

Take Care
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   "PS. Patrick Swayze just but 20 lbs on from a high protein diet along with exercise"  

  Doesn't Patrick Swayze have cancer ??

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"Doesn't Patrick Swayze have cancer ?? "

He sure does ...whether its cancer Hepatitis or any other related illness moderate exercise & proper diet should be a very important part of your daily activities.

Your computer doesn’t work well with a corrupted hard drive your brain is the control centre of your body.

Though exercise the body becomes stronger, energy levels improve, and fatigue may become less frequent and severe. Physical activity enlarges mitochondria, the energy-producing part of the cell.

A stronger and more flexible body can help reduce pain in muscles and joints

Studies show regular     gentle     to     moderate     exercise strengthens the immunity system (intense activities temporarily shut it down).

Exercise improves    mood    Hmm how many of us have been depressed from the treatments? by sending more oxygen to the brain (which also aids in clearer thinking!) and it stimulates the "feel good", "pain killing" hormones like endorphins.

Hmm how many of us have been depressed from the treatments?

Some types of exercise, like Pilates and yoga, are known for their core strengthening abilities. The core muscles include the abdominals, lower back and pelvic area.

The     accomplishment      felt after completing a workout or reaching an exercise goal is empowering! This is important for emotional health, often compromised by chronic illness.

Regular exercise promotes deeper sleep.

Exercise offers stress relief. A stronger circulatory system slows the heart rate, so it won't rise as high and as quickly in response to anxiety situations. You're able to keep your cool much easier.

Unfortunately, the chronic pain of most disorders combined with lack of sleep leads to exhaustion, which leads to physical inactivity. This deconditions and weakens the muscles, making the disorder worse.

Get gentle exercise, especially on your better days. Pace yourself. Experiment to see how much exercise is right for you. Consult your hepatologist and a certified personal trainer for advice.

Try small amounts of exercise or stretches throughout the day. Being overactive will drain you, but small amounts of light exercise will help improve energy levels by raising metabolic rate.
If walking to the mailbox or even around the living room is too fatiguing, don't push yourself to do more than that at first. Keep walking that short distance each time you exercise, and soon you'll find you can take a few steps more. Anything is better than nothing.

Sit still and you'll be ill. Even for the chronically ill, gentle activity is healing!

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Thanks SO much for your interest and advice, I'll be turning this forum over to my husband now, He needs the support and input of people who have gone through or are going through this.( And so do I). He should be taking his last injection today. You are telling him the kind of things that he knows, and that I've been telling him for 6 months, I think your support will be a huge help.
I think right now he's worried about how long these side effects will last now that he's done with the treatments, Thank You again. The next post or messages will be from my husband
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I agree with Force, exercise has helped me more than anything.  I'm 12 weeks post treatment.  At times during treatment I was too weak to do more than walk to the bathroom, but I kept as active as the anemia would permit.  Swimming was the easiest, That way I wasn't fighting gravity and did not have any joint-related pain.  As soon as I finished treatment I resumed other exercise, starting with walking short distances and working my way up to a more vigorous program.  I feel better every day and the weight I lost on treatment (lean muscle) has not come back as jiggly fat because I'm active and rebuilding some muscle mass.  

I am surprised at how well I feel this soon after tx (did 48 weeks) given some of the horror stories I have seen here.  I think in large part it is due to the exercise that I am able to shake off the treatment so soon.  I hope your husband is similarly fortunate.  Good luck.

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  I agree with you about excercise. I work out with weights myself. I wasn't being negative about what you were saying per se, I only meant that his weight loss was more than likely from his cancer treatment and not the excercise and protein diet that can do it also.

     Excercise is great, I worked out with weights for the first 3 months of treatment until
my Tachcardia scared me and I stopped for 5 months. I have since resumed and am as strong if not stronger than before treatment.
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With only 24 weeks of interferon hopefully his sides will not be long lasting or permanent.  Exercise even if it's just going for a nightly walk will help him greatly - (although don't ask me because I have been a couch potato since my 72 weeks I just have to get going again so who am I to talk!).  After tx I did exercise a LOT - I was really proud of the fact that I was doing it and that helped me feel better on it's own.......just knowing it was all OVER and done with and that life was on the right path again.

But now alas...........I gotta get my own butt back in gear again!

I really do hope that everything works out for the best for you both.  It's a tough road but just having SVR makes it worth all of it.  

good luck.

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I know I said that I was turning this forum over to my husband and I have, he has read all your posts ( and others) and is in a much better frame of mind..working himself up to taking that LAST INJECTION today if he feels well enough, or tomorrow for sure. I want to thank you all for your input, it has already helped ALOT. I have been and remain his main "cheerleader" here and I am posting here for him one last time not only to thank you but to ask for some serious cheer leading here for my husband today. And now, I turn this over to him (really!) YOU CAN DO IT HONEY!!! LOVE YOU!!! Thank you all again
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2:00 p.m. C.S.T.October 30 gave myself my final injection. Going to take a nap. I'll Be Back!!
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Awesome have a good sleep training time is 7:00 am sharpe...lol
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Hi Bobby,  

I didn't take your comment as a negative but one I am glad you responded to. It gave me an opportunity to express my views a little bit more of the benefits of exercise.

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Good Morning!!
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Thank you for posting your situation.  Made me not feel alone.  I could relate to the low tolerance.  When I have an episode of brain fog I have to stop, even if in a publc place, fold my hands, and take some deep breaths.  This helps alot in decreasing my frustation. I also have noticed that if I am over tired I will have less patience and I hurt more.  I have started to try and keep a journal of when I have my bad days and good days.  I will be able to show doctor(s).I think alot of good advice as been given.  You may want to look into relaxation books at the library or on line to do together.  That can be very helpful with the fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression.  I also can relate to only talking to one person at a time.  If your home is big enough maybe a small room or area away from all the noise but where he can still be part of the family could be fixed up.  Maybe just a place to go to for a few minutes when overwhelmed.  I would not want to encourage anything that would develope into isolation.  I have also noticed that if I am over tired, stressed out my fibromyalgia kicks in.  I find a hot bath or hot packs really helpful decreasing  pain.  There are alot of books on Fibromyaglia.  The arthritis foundation is a source for information.  If you have a spiritual belief I would I  encourage as much involvement and support as possible.  I also want tp remind you to take care of yourself.  May God bless you and your family, I will keep you in my prayers.
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