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Potential BF does not know that I know he as Hep C

Been looking for love all of my life and I found it in a very hardworking, generous and kind man.  I rent a home from him and he comes here a few times per year to visit his family. He charges me minimal rent because I keep a room here for him. (He lives and works 5 hours away from here). Last summer a drunken neighbor came over and told me this man's' life's story, not that it was his place to tell, but he said that my Landlord had been living here with a young woman who, while he was on the road (Truck driver) was turning tricks on the side.  He found out and kicked her out immediately, but had had already contracted Hep C from her.  If there was every a more perfect, gentle loving soul whom I would want in my life for ever, it would be him. The attraction is clearly mutual, but he always says to me "Nothing is going to happen."  Meaning, when he's here, if we sleep in the same bed.  I mean, that statement shows what respect this man has for others.  My question is, should I approach him and just be honest?  We are talking about a very sensitive man who has been burned badly, but he is so loving and affectionate with me (hugs, holding hands, nothing more). I don't care if I ever have sex for the rest of my life and would be completely monogamous with him.  How or should I tell him I know and that it's "really okay."  I love him no matter what. Don't know what to do.  I don't want to scare him off.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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I would be cautious about believing what this drunken neighbor told you. He could be lying or could, in his drunken state, got his stories confused.

Hep C is not considered an STD. It is spread via blood to blood contact. Many people have it for years without knowing it and do not pass it on to their lovers, or other family members.

The only way to know someone has hep C is from a blood test.
Be careful about telling this man you know something about him that may not be true at all.
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Good advice from Orphanedhawk. Maybe this drunken neighbor is just jealous... Good luck
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I agree with OH and can-do.  This is not a sexually transmitted disease.

When the time is right, as your relationship progresses, you can exchange medical historys.  If he has hepc, then you can tell him you are all right with that.

Err on the side of caution, as second or third hand information is very often wrong, or, at least, garbled and not the full story.

Good luck.
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He will tell you if there is anything to tell. Find love where you can get it. Stay away from the drunken neighbor.
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Be honest.  
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There is no reason for you to confront this man on his Hepatitis C status (if he even has hep C) if your practicing safe sex.  It appears that you like this man and he has told you he isn't interested.   He also has told you that nothing is going to happen between you two.  Sounds like he's straight and your not.
Maybe it's best just to except what he's telling you.

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It's none of your business.  And, since some of the information from your neighbor is in accurate you must assume that all is inaccurate.  Again, the guy's HCV status is none of your business.
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I agree with dontworry and would be careful he basicly said out front 'nothing' is gonna happen. Time to get on with your life.
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Check out all gossip told to you. Do not believe gossipers unless it's checked out. The guy sounds a bit like he doesn't know what he wants.
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