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SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, will it help or hurt research

weigh in if you want to!!  I think we'd set the clock back 50 years, but that's just me.
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God forbid we provide equal care to all in america-just like every other first world nation!..much, if not most research is done at our universitys-tax exempt and recipients of major tax dollars..Profit from caring for the sick has made our system the most expensive in the world and yet far from the best-esp. for the poor&middle class.....The AMA favors single payer,a majority of americans favor single payer...but unfortunately the insurance industry has spent half a billion dollars lobbying against any major reforms in our present and HIGHLY profitable system...gee, i wonder why?  
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bad idea i think. Still the best in the world. The cost problem can be solved by imprisoning lawyers!
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I have 2 uninsured grandchildren - one has asthma.  Our illustrious leader thinks that is just fine.  My ex daughter in law falls in the crack -- too much income for medicaid and Schips and not enough income to put them on her employer's plan.    I have a 27 yo uninsured son who just went to the ER.  I guess the county will eat that $500+ bill.

As an employer who pays insurance for our small firm, I know it adds $3.92 per hour per employee to our labor cost.  That hurts.  We would not change the coverage - my hep C treatment cost $85,000 (my cost was $5,000) and my partner had breast cancer.  But still, something has to be done.

The medicare program is, in fact, a socialized medical program for senior citizens.  It works okay, but could be better.  The medicare part D - prescription coverage - is a bust.  Good for the citizen but the government has no negotiation powers with the drug companies and therefore pays way too much.  It needs to be changed.

Yes, I think we need some kind of reform so we can all be covered.  Healthy people will make a better country and socialized medicine is worth a try
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This type of post definitely belongs on the other side - the Community Side. There isn't any question about that. This just clutters up an already cluttered up medical/research side of medhelp.

This forum is for questions about medical issues and research aspects of Hepatitis such as, questions about being newly diagnosed, questions about current treatments, information and participation in discussions about research studies and clinical trials related to Hepatitis. If you would like to communicate with other people who have been touched by Hepatitis, please visit our new Hepatitis Community/Living with Hepatitis forum.
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It's a complicated issue with many ins and outs. And there are many significant flaws with our current (US) heathcare system, there's definitely room for improvement. But overall socialized healthcare will reduce the ultimate level of care available to nearly all low and middle income people. It will also result in a huge hike in taxation, both on individuals and on corporations. This will further remove ordinary people's ability to use their own discretion (by choosing where to spend *their* money) in deciding where they go for healthcare and what type of healthcare they'll be able to access. And of course the politicians and hollywood celebrities who so vigorously tout these policies for "the little people" will in no way shape or form participate in (nor be subjected to) socialized healthcare at all. You won't see them waiting in line at the local clinic, you wont see them waiting for rationed CAT scans, and you won't see them struggling with mediocre government doctors who aren't good enough to have a private practice with private clientele. They'll all have the very best private doctors and priority lab/diagnostic services for both themselves and their loved ones at all times. And as far as research, heavy corporate taxation (pharmaceutical co's are corporations) will subdue research in this area and it will retard innovation (like what is seen with Telaprevir and SCH503034 for instance). That's why these drugs (and many other similar cutting edge drugs) have originated from the US (and its capitalistic system) and not from countries who have widely adopted socialism. Overall it would not be a good thing at all.
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Oops you're right mike, I forgot where we were here. Sorry 'bout that.
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