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Sofosbuvir/GS-5885 Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) +/-Ribavirin

Hi, I found this trial   http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01701401?term=NCT01701401&rank=1 Is anyone of you doing this? If yes, I wish I have more info. Thanks you all
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This is a new trial that just started in October..It is a Phrase 3 trial.There should be some people on here that has started this one already.I'm sure we will be getting info from those who are in this trial soon.Stick around the forum people will be talking about it soon.
The Sofsbuvir I have taken in my study with the Riba and INF.I am 9 weeks out of tx.
GS-5885 is a new treatment for hepatitis C. It is a compound in clinical development by Gilead. GS-5885 is a drug that blocks NS5A, a viral protein critical for hepatitis C replication (Lawitz et al. 2012)*.

GS-5885 has been coformulated in a single pill with sofosbuvir. Very encouraging sustained virological response has been reported in interim reports of this combination, with an overall response of 100% in 25 patients, as recently reported in the Liver Meeting 2012 in Boston. More than 1000 patients have treated with GS-5885 in phase 2 studies so far, with no signals of toxicity. The selected dose for further development is 90 mg QD.

I did see someone on here that is taking the One pill tx.I just commented on there post under the GS7977 Study Patients Here! I think.I cant remember who it was,but they where undetected after 2 weeks.I will go look and see who it was and let you know.

Are you getting ready to start this trial?

Good Luck and there is a lot of help on this Forum!!!

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UKgirl55  is on the one pill tx.Read her comment in the GS7977 Study Patients Here ! it is one of the few last comments on page 2.

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That study will be at the Quest clinical research clinic in February, I think.
I was told they will have 8 openings yet they have a waiting list of well over one hundred.It looks very promising for the hard to treat.
I am sure there will be more sites testing this combination. (GS-5885, GS 7977 and ribavirin) Gilead would really like to have the silver bullet and it follows they will be doing a lot of studies this coming year with this combination.
Keep looking and best of luck to you.
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Thak you country and rivil for yor answers !  I'll keep my eye on it, better both !!!!!!!!  Hope for enrollments as soon as possible,  in US and in Europe too. My best wishes for Xmas and a New Year with good news for all.  
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It's so good to have your help and support, it makes me feel not abandoned and lost ! Thanks with all my heart!
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This is the bomb! I took GS5885 for 6 months along with a Gilead experimental PI, Pegasys and Ribavirin. Can't say that GS5885 had any sides at all, though nucleotides can be dicey sometimes, e.g., Bristol Myers Squibb nuc disaster with INX-189, the drug they bought Inhibitex to get. I guess they question will be how well the Sofosbuvir/GS5885 co-formulation will work for non-responders and relapsers????
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