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Starting chemo

On Monday I will be starting my chemo tx's.I am scared to say the least but will be thinking of you all and will let you all know how it goes.I have found a pretty good support group that I can rely on for the answers I need for now.My hope amd faith WILL get me through this.Everyone says Im a strong person-we will see....hugs    cindy
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Best to you blue eyes, give it hell girl.
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Holdin your hand Cin...good luck friend and give it hell....
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I'm wishing you the best...you may not have any sides but if you do, take them as they come. With the help of your Dr and this site you will get the best answers and most support possible. I am now 15 weeks post tx and looking forward to SVR... You can do it....It feels great....Fred
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Be strong Cindy.  Your in our thoughts and prayers.  Let us know how things are going.  Best to you.
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I'm wishing you love and peace and everything good in this world. You will be in all our thoughts.
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Cindy, you're an inspiration.  From your first post after your dx to now, you've done a 180.  From "goodbye" to "I'm going to fight this thing"    As Will said, we're holding your hand from afar.  You can do this...
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I am wishing you the very best, Cindy, and will keep you in my thoughts.
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Wishing the BEST for you!!!
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Best wishes with your chemo.  Both of my friends with lung cancer are having wonderful results with their treatments, and I pray the same for you.
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Thinking of you and the best to you.   I will keep you in my prayers.

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Thanks for keeping us updated - we really do care! Everyone here will be wishing you the least SX and the best results.
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Hey there, my thoughts and prayers are with you, please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.  We are here for you
Hope and a prayer (Eureka)
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I will be holding your hand also. This to will pass. One step at a time.
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We are here for you.  Just keep moving towards that goal.  My prayers are with you.
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Ditto everyone's response above.
Thinking of you all the time and wishing you the VERY BEST
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cindy, i wish you the best with chemo.  i will send you prayers and good vibes.  good luck, belle
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You will have a circle of friends and support around you at all times through your next treatments. Your very own cadre of angels!  Be strong and fight hard!
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Hang in there. Remember it will be all now to you so that will be the scary part. Remember with cancer we need to treat ASAP to start fighting back and stop it from running wild. The other good thing is that they caught the cancer early. That is a big advantage.

I guess you will be doing cycles of chemo. Chemo from 1-3 days then 3 weeks off for your body to recover. Remember you should report any side effects you notice while getting chemotherapy to your medical team so that they can be treated promptly. This is very important because a side effect from the chemo drug can cause peripheral neuropathy (pain, burning or tingling sensations, sensitivity to cold or heat, or weakness). Also let your doctor know if you need more or better anti-nausea or pain meds. Don't suffer needlessly when you don't have to. The cancer (SCLC) and the chemo is plenty to deal with. You don't need any more on your plate. Doing chemo isn't for the weak but don't be afraid of speaking up for yourself.

There is no doubt about it. Chemo sux, big time. Unfortunately in order to kill the cancer they have to use big guns to get the cancer. The effect on the rest of the body isn't too king either. But "Keep you eyes on the prize". Take it one step at a time, on day at a time and you can do this. When we have to fight cancer to stay alive it is amazing the resources that we can bring to the task. You will see you are tougher than you ever thought.

Good luck to you.
Get all the support you need. It is time for you accept all the help you can.
Be well.

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Dont read too much about symptoms, just be "balls to the wall,"Gurl! Please keep a journal on daily stuff of good and bad days. I so wished I did. Wud b cool to flip back on last April when I was only half way, on the 48wk plan. If u r taking Incevek, be warned of horrible painful hemmoroids. Drs dont say much and some peeps dont want to talk abt the personal stuff. Hey, if u havnt gone thru menepause, it will definitely b triggered. Oh and I did my first shot a few days before thanksgiving and the effects hammered me 2-3 weeks later. Everybody may have different severity of symptoms and some here can give advice on things that work for certain ailments. Have an opened mind and dont believe every word you read. Just keep your personal diary and rate your particular symltoms thru 1-10 on severity. Your mind will get forgetful, then when u go to dr, u may not remember how u felt the day prior. Just a few jots on paper each day, no matter how bad u may or may not get. I cud not write, think, focus or read on tx, but wished I cudve documented every sx. We r helping others by doing that. By the way, eat real meals when u take your pills or u may end up with stomach probs, like myself, from not eating real food with meds. Crackers, toast and water was what I ate w meds cuz of nausea but possible ulcer now from meds eating away at stmach lining.
would love to email thru yahoo if u like
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And so it begins. I am glad you were able to find a local support group.  That will be important.  Take care of yourself and the best of luck to you.  You can beat this.
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You ARE a strong person and smart enough to locate a support group as well. Strength in shared experience, understanding and knowledge.  I'm glad you found a good one.  Take it a step at a time and you will get through this.  Wish you everything you require and hoping the best for you.

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Cindy wishing you all the best and keep in touch!

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good luck cindy....we will be thinking of you.....billy
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All my very best to you !
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