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The meaning of my biopsy

I had a lousy Dr. and had to hire a new one. I have the report from the surgeon that did the biopsy, (in the beginning,)  along with pictures of what my liver looks like. I dont know about this MELD score you guys talk about but I have guessed that it is something you find out from the biopsy report...right? I however dont read the Dr's language so i cant make heads or tails of it. The score might be in it but I dont know what to look for. I can read blueprints and technical manuals to repair amatuer radio gear but not smart enough to read the lab speak. any help? thx in advance.
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Unfortunately, none of us are doctors or mind readers :) Perhaps if you posted the biopsy report word-for-word you might get some better responsers.
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I thought of that but wasnt sure if I was allowed to post stuff like that. just in case it was really bad. I will see what I can do and post it.
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If you can't post the report, find out from your doc what it means in words that you understand and let us know. I have had two biopsys and my doc was very clear on the stage of my liver, the exact condition eg. cirrohsis, fibrosis, and exactly what percentage of my liver was functioning properly. Its your right to know so pressure him.
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Ilooed up every phrase in my biopsy report and on my own was able to understand it as well as my family docotr. There are a number of pathology books and hepatology bools , in which these phases will connect if you do a search.
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Well I guess that was a flop. my doctor just got fired. I asked for a little help to understand the things in the biopsy and what my score is and things like that and was told that it would be a waste of everyones time to have to sit down and do all of that. The nurse in charge of the hep patients said the same. so I just told them they are fired and dont send me a bill. So looking again. Thanks for the advice ppl and I hope the best for you all. I will come back again maybe next year when the new med is released and with a better doctor I hope. Good luck and if the good lord's willing and the creek dont rise. I'll chat ya again.
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what my score is and things like that and was told that it would be a waste of everyones time to have to sit down and do all of that.

Holy **** - that is the most incompetent I've EVER heard of.

Just take the report and type it in here word for word.  We've all done things like that it is very common practice around here. Typing in your test results and having them explainned in regular old patient speak (unlike doctor speak from the above type doctor who just want you to think they are smart when in fact this stuff is pretty damn simple) so you learn how to tell what is going on without a doctor having to tell you.

Believe me there are PLENTY of people in here who are much more knowledgable about hepc than 90% of the doctors in the world.  LITERALLY.

Glad you fired them. But you don't have to give up now - there is really no guarantee that the new drugs WILL be approved or if you really should be waiting that long.

JUST POST WHAT IT SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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