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To treat or not to treat

I have had  normal liver function tests but have not had a biopsy though.I am thinking about getting treatment this year but I am worried cause heard it can make you worse.I am 25 and have had it for 15 years.genotype 1a.anyway let me know any information you have on treatment.Thank you
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the best thing to do is get a biopsy, and then do tx as you are so young you have a good chance of having few sides, and a good chance of clearing.dont wait, i did and i regret it now.
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I just started treatment about 5wks ago, Im 32 and have only had it about 6yrs.  I have always had normal liver function tests and have not had a biopsy (cuz Im a chicken, lol).  I started treatment even though I havent had any real problems from the virsus because I dont want to end up really sick in the future and I have 4 children I have to think about.  Treatment so far isnt too bad for me, the only bad part is the fatigue and dry skin, I cant stand to be tired and Ive been really tired lately.  I am also genotype 1a, which they say is the hardest one to get rid of.
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You confuse me too.
And you ask a lot of questions.
If you have any more questions maybe you should post them in one of the threads you already started.

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