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I've decided this is my year to treat my only problem is I have no insurance or money..and I make just enough not to quilify for nj,family care..I was diagnosed with Hep c Geno 1b. 2010.Most likely was given the virus as a baby ,I was born two months early and had to have. Several blood transfushions. Something about my platelets ,,which means I've had hepc for 34 yrs ..this whole thing scares me ,But. Its better to do something then nothing so If anyone. Has any info on how to get treatment in my situation. It would be appreciated .
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call this # 1800-240-1224..Its a non-profited organization that helps folk who are noninsured or low income. I just sent them application to assist with co-pay and am awaiting approval. Good luck and hope u get well.
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I would recommend also looking into a study in your area, maybe through a teaching hospital near you, your local wise gastro.  A good study will pay for everything..... and monitor you closely
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check out clinicaltrials.gov.  there's tons of them in almost every state and overseas.  they pay for everything, excellent medical care, closely monitored and in the end they pay you @25.00 a visit.  i'll receive @600.00 when i'm done.  good luck,   belle
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Here's some info I came across but if I were you I would look into finding a clinical trial to get into.  They are much better than txing under most doctors because they take better care of their patients and they know alot more too.  JMHO, good luck


• Roche:1-877-734-2797 - The manufacturers of Pegasys plus Copegus have the Pegassist Patient Assistance Foundation.

• Schering:1-800-521-7157 -The manufacturers of PegIntron plus Rebetol have the Commitment to Care program.

• Vertex: 855-837-8394 - The manufacturer of the recently approved Hepatitis C drug Incivek, has the Vertex Free Medicine Program. This program will provide telaprevir (Incivek) at no cost to people who do not have insurance, are not covered by other benefits programs, and have an annual household income of $100,000 or less.

• Merck: 866-363-6379 - The manufacturer of the recently approved Hepatitis C drug boceprevir (Victrelis) also has a Patient Assistance Program. This program covers boceprevir, PegIntron, and Rebetol (the company's brand of ribavirin) for low-income people who do not have private insurance and are not covered by any other benefits programs.

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I am using both the Vertex and the Roche and the both are great programs. They will do anything they can to help you
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Hello Sky and welcome to the forum.  You may want to get in touch with attagrl who is about your age and has a similar background.  She also contracted HCV as a baby.  You can try to back channel her through the private messaging system and read the posts about her situation that she has publicly posted to the list.  Right now she is training for the Detroit marathon so she probably will ignore your message for awhile.  She doesn't post to the list too often anymore nor does her mom who is also in the trial.  But she will get an email notification that you have a message for her.  We are all three in an experimental trial with Pharmasset and BMS medications that do not use interferon.  You can see from her posts how she feels about that.  There is another Pharmasset trial which is just getting started and is an all oral trial as well.  It will be awhile before all the sites get approved and are listed but you can look over the study at clinicaltrials.gov.  It is called "quantum" and is listed under NCT01435044.  Many feel that these drugs are the most powerful being tested right now and the least hard on your system.  Those of us who have tried them have had few if any side effects and have gotten good results (so far, the court is still out on long term).  But having HCV throughout your life poses some concerns which differ from the rest of us and I hope that you and attagrl can hook up in some way so that you can be helped by her experience.  Good luck to you!  
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