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Undetected SVR12 Sovaldi and Olysio

Wow, there's lots of undetecteds lately, and I just found out today I'm one of them.

I treated with Sovaldi and Olysio for 12 weeks, have cirrhosis, first treatment, had HCV for around 40 years with a viral load of 8 million at the beginning, and completed treatment in January. Oh yeah, I also was Q80K positive. It is really hard to believe.
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Wonderfully news congrats!
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Wow! Just wow

I am just so excited about all of this good news!

Congratulations and enjoy your Hep C Free life Sarah!
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Such really awesome news Sarah!

thankfulness and congratulations!!!!

and blessings :-) Randy
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Very Good news! Congrats.
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Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you!
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Isn't it amazing? I didn't believe it a year ago when I saw the "Gilead has the cure" promo. It looks like they really do have the cure at least for 1a. I foresee this forum shrinking rapidly as we all reach SVR and get on with our lives. Congratulations to you!
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Terrific!  What a wonderful feeling - especially after what you experienced on earlier and harder to endure treatments!  

is this EOT UND or EOT plus 12 weeks?

In any instance, something to celebrate!  


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Just reread your post.  Finished tx January, the EOT12!  Time to step up onto that dias and receive your Dragon Slayer Supreme Insignia!

Again, Congratulations!!!
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It just keeps getting better and better. Yayayayay
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Yay, Sarah. You go girl! What exciting news for you. Enjoy it.
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Congratulations! Love seeing all of the UNDs in the Community.
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Hi Patra, eot plus 12 weeks. Yes, I am very lucky to say the least.
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What a wonderful way to start a new life!
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Happy News!  Some say SVR12 is cured but SVR24 is the point that I was declared clinically cured. As you may know, the data now shows that by reaching SVR12 you have a 97% chance of being SVR24. When I was SVR12 my IDS said that waiting 12 more weeks was just a matter of formality.
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Sarah!!! I am so happy for you!! I have been away. Just got back to see this wonderful news! Congratulations!!
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Yay Sarah!!!!!
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I was on S&O  for 12 weeks and was UD right away. Tonite I got the SVR
12 and my PA said UD but I have to take another test in 12 weeks or so, I thought 12 weeks after treatment end meant I'm cured. Very happy but
confused, how can it come back?
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Congrats to you!
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Ranmann, the odds are extremely slim, something like 1%, that if you are undetected now you will have the virus back in another 12 weeks. In other words if you are undetected now, there is a 98-99% chance you will be undetected in another 12 weeks. Some people think that some virus could still be hidden away in tissues in a liver with cirrhosis, in the brain or lymph system. Others don't agree with this and think the only way you can get it back is through reinfection from an outside source. I wouldn't spend time worrying about it.

Thanks everyone for the good thoughts!
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It would be 12 weeks after end of tx.
When I treated you had to get to 24 weeks after end of tx to be considered SVR.
My doctor recently said that they are considering 12 weeks after end of tx to be a cure.

Good luck to all :)
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Thank you all for the support and good wishes!
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Thank you for your insight on my question and Happy Easter to you!
So now that you have your life back are you treating yourself to a vacation to celebrate?
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