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bleeding wound comes in contact with scissor

Yesterday night flying insect got into my ear, I tried to pull out using finger , during this finger nail scratch created bleeding wounds, after pouring olive oil insect died, immediately I went to local ENT clinic in midnight they used scissor to pull insect out but didn't worked but syringe splashed saline water worked. Now my doubt is scissor/surgical tool used to pull insect from my ear might not be sterilized in clinic, It might have contaminated with HCV. Do I need to worry? the time duration between scratch wound created and scissor used in my ear is around 15-20 minutes. will this cover wound surface?
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“ Do I need to worry?”

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Hi Flyilynn, thank you for response. To calm down my anxiety could you explain why I need not to worry, I saw blood on my finger when I picked my ear, It could be from my nail scratch or insect might have bitten/scratch inner wall of my ear. If there was no blood I wouldn't had worried this much. Three things Doctor used to removed insect, one is scissor, another one needle like tool and syringe to splash water into my ear. I am worried they have reused tools without sterilizing.
Why would you think a medical facility does not take universal precautions and sterilize equipment?

There have been no known transmissions in the manner you have described.
To calm your anxiety you may consider counseling and anti anxiety meds if your doctor recommends them.

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