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eyelashes curling and overall hair

On triple therapy with Vic, shot 17 last night. Although my hair started breaking off a few months ago, no longer have to shave legs but once a week and no hair under arms anymore, my eyelashes have grown longer and they are curling, some of the lashes curling in which is becoming very irritating I am feeling all day like there are things in my eyes and they brush on my glasses.  I am finding the SE rather funny, all the years I have been trying to make my lashes longer with makeup and its TX that has done this for me!!  If I keep them straigten with mascara  the curling is not so irritating. I hope this means when my hair comes back it will be wavey!!!    Anyone else have this happening???

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Glad to hear you are on shot 17!  Woohoo.. more than halfway done!  I finished tx two weeks ago today and feel really good.  I lost at least 75% of my hair so I can relate.  I just went and cut what was left to about an inch all around so I can start fresh and YES, my eyelashes are gorgeous all of a sudden!  I am glad to be done with tx, but hope the lashes stay.  Also had the same experience with leg hair, although my close up vision is waning so I thought it was just cause I can't see as well anymore.  :)   I am hoping for curly hair when it returns too!  

I am having my first VL in ten days.. so anxious.   Good luck to you!
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Yes, what is the deal!  My eyelashes are about a quarter of an inch over the eyelash curler.  Why would eyelashes grow and the rest of your hair shed or stop growing?  Crazy!
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hi mo......lots of my hair fell out during tx...now almost two months after tx its coming back in...the really cool thing is lots of dark hairs...its really something.....good luck with your tx...its so nice to see after such a tough start you got things under control and kicked a**.....billy
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'Llama lashes' it is called and is quite common.  It equals out the hair falling out of our heads I suppose. But both go back to normal after treatment so it's just a temporary thing but I sure wish I could have kept them!
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My eyelashes r so long they look fake, but I am loving them. Looks like I am wearing false eyelashes. I guess this is the silver lining. Just had shot20, and have some breakage of hair. Not a.lot but still watching it
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Oh my, so glad I am not alone, I thought maybe it was my imagination!!  After todays shower I am ready to go wig shopping!,  Lots more hair in my hands after shampoo. I cut a pixy cut a few weeks ago and that has helped. Been using Nioxin and it has the itchy scalp under control, sure hope it sooon helps with breakage!!!   Maybe the public will only see my lovely eyes and not my head!! LOL....

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I gotta say.......I'm kinda jealous :)  My eyelashes have gotten skimpy with age.  I would love to see some new growth!  I would bat my Llama lashes all over the place =0)  And not to have to shave pits and legs -- oh yes, I'm definitely jealous.

Take care,
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i'm on shot 30.  i've lost about 30% of my hair.  i cut 4" off to make it look better.  it really helped.  my eyelashes on the other hand are long!!!  i thought at first that it was my imagination but my friend asked what i did to my lashes.  she said they were so long.  take care.  belle
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Wow, what a nice surprise that must be.  Less shaving underarms and legs, and long, beautiful eyelashes too!  I have a colleague who went through chemo for cancer a few years ago, and he lost all of his hair.  It all came back when his chemo was over, but it came back more blonde and less gray, and wavy.  He looks younger than before his cancer diagnosis (and his treatment worked)!
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mine curled in different directions so I had to trim them.   My eyebrows now grow straight out.  Ive  shaved once  in 37 weeks.  lost over 50 percent of my hair.  had it cut up to the bottom of my ears today.   I just want to be normal again.   I am going to try embrace my new hair what ever it is and give up being a hair color slave.  I am what I am.  Not looking for a man, have people think Im beautiful and younger.  dont like being the center of attention.   Ive dyed my hair for decades for what end I do not know.  
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just to add.  For me personally, Having HCV and treating it has changed my personal perspective on what is important to me.  I also take care of elderly and disabled, and I see through their lives what has made the biggest impact on them. that is   Just being accepted, loved and cared about by   their ifamily members.  
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Llama lashes.....an interesting sx as NYG points out. Good luck with the rest on tx, and way to go knocking it out!
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Hi.  Yes, I agree, being on treatment gets you thinking on a level we had not had to be at before. I cut my hair to  my ears, never have had this short of hair before and still somewhat uncomfortable in public. Asked often why I did that but don't want to go into details. I sortta like it!

Your normal life will come back but this time you will be Hepatitis Free!

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LLama lashes and Groucho Marx eyebrows.  Yes. And what is with the nose hairs?  I have had to escavate with a pair of sissors.  Yet the top of my head is like a road map you can see so much red scalp.  Week 21 and hair still falling.  Yesterday my hair stylist asked how much longer I had to treat.    There are only about two patches of hair on my legs that I must mow, and can forgo the arm pits.  What weird side effects!
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The first time I treated I lost all the hair on my arms and legs.
The hair on my head thinned, and the scalp itched really bad.

Now a couple years later I still don't have to shave legs or underarms.
The bonus is I have much more hair on my head than I ever had before!!

Getting ready to start new treatment.
Hope I can keep some of this hair on my head, but if I don't
at least I know it will come back strong again (I hope).
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My eyelashes have always been super long, now they are curly, I hardly have any eyebrows I think to tx and or thyroid. Love not having to shave my legs and pits hope it stays that way, of course my hair is gone and now looking for a wig.
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