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Which drug is the interferon? Is that the VIC I keep hearing or the RIBA? I'm so confused. What drugs do what? I thought there were 3 drugs for treatment. One is a shot? What is incivek? Can anyone help explain? I feel like a idiot on this forum.
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This is my simplistic understanding:

Interferon is the first drug used to successfully treat hep C.
It was found it works best in combination with ribavarin, ( riba).
Interferon is injected. Ribavarin is in pill form.

For years this has been the standard of care SOC for hep C treatment.
It had a poor success rate for genotype 1.
Geno 1 is the main strain of hep C found in the US.

VIC is a PI which is a third addition to SOC for genotype 1 patients.
It has vastly increased  the likelihood of success for those with genotype 1.

I hope that helps.
No doubt someone else will explain it better than I.
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Interferon is the drug that is injected subcutaneously, usually once a week.  You will often see it abbreviated as INT or PEG INT, or referred to as Peg.  It is peginterferon alfa-2a.  There are other varieties of Interferon, but the one that is being used most often in the triple therapy is peginterferon alfa-2a, 180 mcg/0.5ML.  Ribavirin (RIBA) is a tablet that is usually dosed based on weight.  A typical dose is about 1200 mg. per day (3 200 mg. tablets twice a day), or for smaller people it might be a smaller dose.  Victrelis (VIC) is one of the new drugs used in triple therapy.  It was approved, along with Incivek (INC), in May, 2011.  I am assuming Victrelis is a tablet, but since my husband was on Incivek, I don't know for sure.  Incivek is a tablet that is taken three a day, in my husband's case 375 mg, 2 tablets 3x/day.  Both of these drugs, VIC and INC are protease inhibitors that, when combined with Interferon and Ribavirin, significantly improve the chances of getting rid of Hepatitis C.  Hope this helps.
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Incivek is the same type of drug as vic just dosed in a different way but still used in combination with inf/riba as explained by OH.
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If you scroll down to the bottom of the righthand side of the forum web page, there are some frequently read web pages listed as links.  One of these is a list of abbreviations and acronyms used often in discussing Hep C.  I have also copied this into my journal so that I can refer to it easily.  Here it is:
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Thank you so much!! I feel like I'm learning a new language. So the interferon and RIBA are required. But you can choose between the INC or the VIC??
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Thank you so much!! I feel like I'm learning a new language. So the interferon and RIBA are required. But you can choose between the INC or the VIC??

Yes that is correct for the triple treatment
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