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post tx kidney issues

Hello to all. Hope everyone is coping ok. Hello to all the new members and Hello to all the older members if they are still around. I think about you guys all the time especially my "crew" who fought this disease with me. Hope you are all doing well. I've been working and trying to play catchup, but am SO GRATEFUL every day that I beat Hep C. I started having problems with my kidneys after stopping tx, had a bad round with a kidney stone and now seem to still be having troubles. Pain, (mild but there) constantly and some problems with my joints I think might be related. Lost my health ins. after tx so I thought I'd ask here if anyone had kidney problems after tx? Maybe they are totally unrelated, who knows. The timing makes me wonder though, problems started with the dull pain while I was still on tx. I think I remember reading somewhere that the Interferon can cause kidney troubles, I will have to search around. Once I cleared I stopped all research and doctor visiting I was so burnt out.
I know, I need to go to the doc, I wanted to stop by and say Hi anyway! Any info is appreciated.
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Good to see. I have no kidney comments for you.  But, when those fires were in your neighborhood recently I was wondering how you were doing with that mess of a situation.
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Hi Kalio,

I can’t help much with the kidney issues either, but it’s certainly good to see you in here again. Thanks for stopping in, and let us know how your doing; other than the obvious renal problems.

Take care—

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I am not sure how long it has been since you completed tx but tx could be the culprit. I asked a similar question a while back and was told that all the Riba can overload our kidneys. Along with Peg,. ADs, etc. When our Kidneys our overloaded our body receives too much uric acid. Uric Acid can cause Gout/Arthritis or joint pain. Just Google “Kidney’s and Joint Pain” I was told to eat a lot of cherries.      
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the mayo clinic says (and I have no idea where they got the data) that tx with riba and interferon alfa-2b can worsen existing kidney issues.


Of course, interferon alpha is used, along with other drugs, to treat kidney cancer... So go figure.

Hep C in and of itself can cause kidney problems.

Kidney stones can also be caused by high levels of vitamin c, and I believe, by combinations of caffeine and calcium.  Some drugs (like topamax) can exacerbate the tendency to form stones.
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