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pre treatment exams??

A lot of people have mentioned getting pre treatment exams done, (eye dr, EKG, and psych) My Dr said they were not necessary and the only thing I need to do before starting treatment is to see an eye dr because I complained of dry, irritated eyes. Does this sound normal? Has anyone here skipped the pre treatment exams and just went straight to treatment? I also mentioned before that he says a liver biopsy is not needed. Just concerned and would like to hear your opinion, thank you!
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Hey summer, I had all of the above except for the biopsy, I am geno type 2 and said it wasnt necessary. I truly think that If I refused the other stuff he probably would have dropped me, not sure but it wasnt a big deal ins. payed for it so why not. I think they want it to have a base line just incase you do have some eye problems or heart or flip out, they want to know that it was from the meds and not a condition that you had before. Just my thought.
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about having a baseline testing done, I feel the same since some of the sides can be retina problems and heart problems possible.When I was first dx, i went to a counselor.  for me it was a waste of money.  I spent all my money educated him on HCV.   Probably just picked the wrong guy.   The meds do play with your emotions, I strongly suggest anyone who has symptoms of depression  and the like to get on an AD to keep you more  stable/comfortable..  But where a more  in-depth condition like bi-polar or manic or other phycological issues,  One should be evaluated and followed closely by s psychologist while treating.   Just an  opinion.
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I think it's the baseline thing too. If a person is coping well and currently taking an AD, I think they shud stick w it. I had all the tests but the retina thing? I did go for my annual eye exam in March. Same thing?
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I completed triple tx two years ago.  I was required to have a liver biopsy before starting tx but I was in a trial and that was a trial requirement.  Before tx the nurse practitioner did an eye exam but I wasn't seen by an eye doctor.  I discussed my history of depression with her also but did not see a psychiatrist.  They did do an EKG but I think that was because of my age (mid-50's).  I think the EKG is less important for someone who's younger and has no known heart problems, no high blood pressure, etc.  This is just my own experience but hope it helps.

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Thanks everyone. I'm just nervous and want to make sure my Dr is doing everything he is supposed to do. I'm grateful to everyone on this forum. It helps to talk to people who have Bernard thru it, thank you!
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I was required to have an eye exam.  Since I was starting tx just before turning 50, I did not have to have an EKG.  I have already had 4 liver biopsies with the last in 2006.  I've been with my doc since 1994 and she knows I'm crazy so I guess she let the psych evalution slide.

In my early years of treatment with this doc when she and I were both new at this, she could be tentative always saying "first, do no harm."  So perhaps your doc just wants baseline testing for his or her peace of mind.

Good luck as you move forward.
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