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transmission of hep c

Can it only be transmitted thru BLOOD to Blood contact?  Just read re: someone in a monogamous relationship should be tested.  When I asked my husband's dr. in 09 if we should take precautions during sex he said no.  Nor did he ever have him tested for hep c.......should he be?  
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I think testing a spouse occasionally is good practice, even though the odds of sexual transmission are low. It does happen; it’s just that sex is a poor disease vector. From a personal standpoint, I was one that was married for twenty years, likely infected for the duration and she never developed the disease.

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  I have been infected for 35 years and my wife is not .she has been tested  twice in the last 10 years and is still negative.  .... the blood tests are ok too  :)
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A good thread to mention a surprisingly underknown fact about blood-to-blood transmission of HCV (and presumably viruses generally):

Sharing 'implements' for taking substances nasally is a significant risk - especially if that substance is an irritant at all - an invisible blood droplet from someones nose can easily be inhaled right into the lungs where the virus passes (relatively) easily into the blood.

ie: If you snort coke, don't share your rolled up £50/$100 note or whatever.  And don't let others - obv not nearly as bad as sharing needles, but the same rules should apply.
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Thanks for the answers.....I once read a post where someone ingested orally a person's blood who has HCV and if the same person was at risk for hep c.  The responses :  no, it can't be transmitted that particular way i.e. via mouth to stomach.

  I don't use illegal drugs however it's very interesting what Juttutin wrote; which prompted my memory of the above, long ago post.    

My husband's decided to ask his Physician to send him for bloodwork to see if he is positive for HCV.  Better safe than sorry!!
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