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treatment of Hep C

Is it possible, after hep c becomes Chronic, they can treat it in a way that it doesn't lead you to death?
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About 70-80% of people are now able to be treated successfully for HCV. Your odds of successful treatment depend on the specifics of your condition, including general health, genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle, age and a number of other factors.

Even for those who do not treat successfully or who never treat, the disease often does not progress to to liver failure.

If you tell us more about your situation we may be able to answer more specifically.

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Ditto to what Dave says.

Based on your question, you haven't done a whole lot of research yet. I know it is scary to get this diagnosis... we've all been there. Google Hep C, and try to only read what the reputable sites have to say. Unfortunately there are lots of people out there trying to make a dollar on our fear, so if they are trying to sell you something, go to another site. The HCV Advocate has lots of good info. Also the archives here have a lot of great info.

Read, Read, Read,
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spectda and Diane,

Thanks for your respond. Unfortunately, it's about my bf, who got it 4-5 years ago through an operation. He had some problems like severe head ache, stomach problem, fatigue, depression for almost a year and Doctors were saying that it is because of change in climate!!! We were so exhausted by that, until last week that a doctor diagnosed hpv c, and now we are both so shocked, he did some tests last week to figure out what is his genotype, and number of virus in his blood. we don't know the results. One of his relatives died some months ago of hp C. He is very young, and now both of us are reading about this.  We are both so scared of this illness. I don't know how to cheer him up, he is so shocked!
One of my friends who is studying physician and worked with some hp c patients told me if it is chronic, he will die in 20-30 years, but it seems that she is not right.  
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Hi there.....for the studying physician to make a blanket statement to you that your b/f will will die in 20- 30 years is totally irresponsible and in a likely hood a absolute false statement. I have had HCV for 35 years and have led a normal life and still have minimal liver damage and very few symptoms from the disease.

If he truly contracted HCV only 4 or 5 years ago ..in all likely hood he would have very minimal liver damage if any at all..

However this is not to say things cannot move faster .however the one thing for modt ..it is very slow moving .taking many years and often decades to do significant damage towars cirrhosis.

He need to find out his genotype and have a biopsy  to ascertain the amount of damage  and then discuss treatment options with his doctor.

New meds today  are having very good success rates and they will be avail .imminently.

It certainly is a shocking diagnosis to receive,however  you should spend some time reasearching HCV and that usually will help to relieve your fears some.

There are many folks on this forum that have been cured or currently doing treatment or waiting to treat.  So there is a wealth of info. here if you need it.

Good luck

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the one thing for modt ..it is very slow moving    

       meant to say  " one thing for most"
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How did his doctor diagnose hep c? If he only had an antibody test he may have cleared the virus on his own. Only a pcr (Polymerase chain reaction) can determine if he has virus in his blood.  

Does your boyfriend have health insurance? If he does have hcv for certain It would be best if he could see a liver specialist (hepatologist) or a gastroenterologist who has a lot of experience with treating and diagnosing hepatitis c. Many health professionals and general practitioners know little about hcv and will often give the patient misinformation.

After 5 years it is very unlikely that your boyfriend has any significant to his liver nor that he will anytime in the near future from hep c. Maintaining a liver friendly lifestyle will also help to reduce the chance of the disease progression (no alcohol, healthy diet, exercise, and weight)

Treatment for hepatitis c has made some huge strides recently and new medications are being developed at a rapid pace. He will very likely be able to treat and eradicate the disease before it ever really marks him.

Most people (not all) do not have symptoms unless their disease has advanced after many many years. Many of us never knew we had it until 20-40 years after being infected.

Best of luck to you both. Maybe your boyfriend would like to join the forum,

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