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Harvoni Ad Compares Hepatitis C to HIV. What do you think?

I was shocked to see this comparison in a ad aired in California last week.  The ad does advertise Hepatic C is a curable.   As we know,  HIV/AIDS is not.  

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I was also disappointed that the commercial compared hcv to hiv. I feel like it will just stigmatize people further.  
There is a stigma, because it passed through the blood people are quick to think drug use. I was diagnosed in March 2005 3 months after I got married. There was no information about any side effects afterwards. Let me tell you my viral load was nothing after liver biopsy no damage stop any alcohol after that took 48 weeks pegulated interferon with ribirivin / after  6 weeks treatment I was virus free. But still had to go through 48 weeks of hell I was sorta ok 9 weeks then to bed I went I been in bed from 2006-2017. With 13 illnesses induced by the drugs. I've never found a site for support that ever lasted when I look up info it's old. Why were the companies not held responsible for ruining lives and killing people. But there is no cure for hep C . You can only have the virus undetectable. But it's still there. The same way it doesn't show up in a blood test. You have to have a special test  to ck for hep c. Personally I would be very careful of any new drug. There's not been enough time to see what later effects will be because they just put these drugs out. Good luck to you all. There are so many things will make you crazy. Your doctor will think your mental, because so many systems crazy systems. And no doctors experienced in the long term effect  of these drugs. I have recently with chronic interferon syndrome.
Please research research...
Hi here is a place for support after tx. It isn't as busy as it used to be because Interferon isn't used any longer but it might be helpful to you. Good luck

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Haven't seen it
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I haven't seen it but it angers me to think of more ignorance being spread.
I remember a family member worried about my children and I said it is blood to blood contact, she did not know the difference between HIV and HCV. My doctor said, different virus.
This is disturbing.
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Ok I saw the commercial I did not find it offensive. They just said there is another virus as serious as HIV that you may not have heard of. I think they were just trying to get people's attention by saying hep c is as serious as another virus likely everyone has heard of.
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I still haven't seen it. I see, they are trying to let people know it is serious.
Thank you!
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Looks like they have updated the add and removed the reference to HIV.

Good no need to confuse people.
Giliad is heavily advertising Hep C on TV commercials. This is known as "free enterprise".
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Just to let you all know.   That reference disappeared in the ads.   I watch these ads on tv and wonder if people are treating more.  My GP office said due to testing more were treated.  People are shocked to find out they are positive.   I believe that the majority of infections came from healthcare now.   The stigma attached is wrongly referenced to victims of medical procedures before testing for Hepatitis C.

Hope everyone is doing well.  I have experienced a rash of medical issues after treatment.  Now I'm good to go.  It has been 4 years after treatment.
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I find it very inappropriate and feel they will be changing everyone's attitude towards those with Hep C in a very negative manner, creating a stigma in those who previously did not. They aren't scaring those with Hep C into seeking treatment, they are scaring the entire population and making it regretable in sharing with those individuals close to us for support. This commercial  is all about scaring the general pulation to what benefit?  Those with Hep C are aware it is a serious disease, they should be promoting their treatment in a positive manner if they want inividuals to  choose their medicine.

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