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Nioxin causing redness and skin irritation

Has anyone experienced a problem with using Nioxin for the hair loss, causing skin irritation and redness and itching.  I wash my hair in the sink when I use the Nioxin, so it's not affecting my whole body.  However, it is affecting my skin on my face and neck.  Susan400
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I have had hives horribly bad all over my body from head to toe for 2 months and we have tried to eliminate everything. We just realized that maybe it is the Nioxin. I feel comforted knowing other people too have had reactions. I hope this is the cause so I can get rid of these awful hives!
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Nioxin is made of various natural substances, many of them coming from plants.  I believe most plants are able to cause allergic reactions in susceptible people.  That's why when I hear that something is safe because it's "natural," I take it with a grain of salt.  
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My wife was recommended to Nioxin a few weeks ago by her stylist. Shortly thereafter she started suffering from severe skin rash especially on her cheeks, eyelids and neck. We have just realised that maybe this is due to Nioxin (even though it's allegy hypo allergenic !!) and decided to look up on the internet for any similar reports and came across your comment. Hopefully your adverse reactions have now ceased and skin improved back to normal. Please let me know. Thanks
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none of these substances are really safe for women. Skin issues are just scratching the surface, pardon the pun, and are common......but Read the insert...read the contraindications.

It just grips me that they can sell powerful drugs that absorb through the skin...and the public is largely unaware that they are taking powerful drugs that absorb right through their skin!

especially when you consider that all the Minoxidal type products are BLOOD PRessure medications!!!
Blood pressure changes can cause problems at any age, and especially for those with liver disease as the liver is already compromised and at high risk. A diseased liver can have a much greater blood pressure than the surrounding organs...the way the liver compensates for leck of function is to create more pressure to the remaining healthy tissue....ergo...now add a medication....creating yet more potential for fatal bleeding?
maybe a wig is a better idea. Since our veins get weaker with age, any drug that stresses them out further should be avoided if at all possible.

the thing that was discovered years ago...was people on these medications had increased blood flow to the head...and it caused the hair to ergo get a better blood supply and grow more.....so they packaged it as hair balm....and are off the hook for any side effects, be they stroke/permanent pressure changes/whatever.

the FDA really went to sleep on this one.
Be safe.
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I used the foam that came with the shampoo and conditioner and would up in the ER twice and then a hospital stay.  The allergic reaction caused swelling, hives, lumps all over my body and caused my throat to close.  Almost didn't make it.  I'm just now getting back to work after 8 days.  It compromised my autoimmune system and sent my white blood cell count through the roof.

I've never had an allergic reaction to any hair product being dyes or bleach or products.  This stuff shouldn't be sold over the counter.  I almost lost my life from one application.
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I started using Nioxin In January.  I noticed at the beginning of February that I had little bumps on my back that itched so bad.  I have a red rash on my neck and face now too.  The rednes burns and I can't cover it with makeup.  We have been putting hydrocortisone on all of it to get the itching to stop but it just lessens it.  I did not think it was the Nioxin because I showed no reaction to it for one month but now i am convinced and will never use it again.  I am desperate with hair loss since this does not run in my family and I cannot figure out why I have lost so much hair.  Hope my dermatologist can figure it out soon.  Don't use this Nioxin!
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Oh my goodness!!! I have also had an allergic reaction to Nioxin Cleanser 1. HIves and terrible itching on any part of the body it came in contact with - including genitals and head -  coughing, mucous in throat, throat twitching (I guess b/c swelling shut), confusion, headache, facial swelling. My hair fell out after high fever for two weeks, but the doc told me it would grow back anyway, so I can't even say Nioxin did that - I think it would have happened on it's own, like he said. Bad Nioxin - BAD!
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I thought I had touched a plant I was allergic to in the garden when my left hand began to itch. I had noticed when I had showered and used Nioxin that my neck would be very red for hours after. Today however the tops of my feet are red and very itchy. I can only think it must be the nioxin. I am going to carry on using it for now and will stop if it gets worse. My son is using Nioxin also although a different # than mine and he has been OK. I know I am allergic to Niacin (which is in the product)from taking a vitamin with niacin in, I had rapid heartbeat, red throbbing face and neck and was really scared, thought I was having a heart attack, it happened 3 times before I found out what that was and quickly stopped taking it.
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I thought I had touched a plant I was allergic to in the garden when my left hand began to itch. I had noticed when I had showered and used Nioxin that my neck would be very red for hours after. Today however the tops of my feet are red and very itchy. I can only think it must be the nioxin. I am going to carry on using it for now and will stop if it gets worse. My son is using Nioxin also although a different # than mine and he has been OK. I know I am allergic to Niacin (which is in the product)from taking a vitamin with niacin in, I had rapid heartbeat, red throbbing face and neck and was really scared, thought I was having a heart attack, it happened 3 times before I found out what that was and quickly stopped taking it.
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I have used nioxin1 for years and was recommended to Nioxin 3. It causes a severe rash where contact with skin and hives all over my body. I also tried to eliminate everything, and got to testing not using the product for a few days, then using again. yep, this is it. Had to get medical treatment for the hives. I will be staying away.
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I used it 3 days ago and am it terrible pain, so much so I had to visit my Doctor and he's prescribed a 5 day course of steroids (Precnisone 5mg) as the back of my hands, fingers, forearms and groin are COVERED in painful red itching bump and my scalp is ON FIRE! Having seen this is so common with this product I will be seeking legal action.
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I just tried the 3 step Nioxin process and when I put on the serum at the end it ran down my face.  I washed it off but it's left a red line down my entire face where it touched the skin.   This was the first time I used it and after reading the blogs I'm not using it again.   I hope it doesn't get worse.
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I have used Nioxin 2 times the first caused tingling and slight redness with itching all over my body (chest neck back and legs)  I didnt put two and two together, and used it again this morning. Within minutes I had a horrible burning rash on the left side of my face and it spread to my eyelids ears neck back and chest. I had to take a hefty dose of Benadryl to stop the reaction.  This evening I did a splotch test with the Nioxin spray in treatment and immediately had a reaction to that part of the system. In the morning I will try the shampoo and conditioner to see if those are also causing the reaction. I have never ha any sort of allergic reaction or allegedly in my life.  
  I would love to know what ingredient I am allergic to so I know not to take or use products containing it.
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I had been thinking about trying Nioxin.
Glad to see this info.
Won't be trying it.

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I began using the porduct over a month ago.  I have been getting frequent headaches. I have had a rash for a few weeks now, getting worse each day, on my face, and the post nasal drip is incredible and haven't been able to figure out why I am in this state until tonight, I am using the nioxin 3 and used it today again and the symtptoms became severe all day and I started to wonder if it was this..... I think it is...
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Oh my gosh, i am so glad i found this discussion! I started using Nioxin (the #4 kit) a little over a week ago. On (what i thought was) an unrelated note, a few days ago i noticed that my neck was itchy and covered in red bumps, and my eyelids were swollen and red. In fact, all of the skin surrounding my eyes was red, flaky and itchy. It looks awful and is pretty painful! This morning i started a journal of everything i've eaten and used on my skin in prep for a dermatologist visit. And then tonight i got in the shower, started shampooing and immediately noticed that my eyes were burning! The timing totally points to Nioxin as there's nothing else new i've begun using lately. I really hope that this is the cause and it will quickly go away!! Good luck to all of you and I hope you all feel better! It's not woth it for the possibility of thicker hair!
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Oh my!!!! I've love nioxin shampoo and conditioner treatment 3....My hairdresser says it has a drying effect on the hair but I find it to be the best shampoo conditioner then any other I have ever used. I guess everyone is different.
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I've just started using nioxin because my hair has been falling out in large amounts, but whenever I use the scalp treatment spray, large  red blotches appear on my skin. The bottle says may cause redness and warming of the scalp, so I'm not sure if I accidentally got it on my skin from touching it with my hand or what, but I'm now wondering if I'm allergic to it. If anybody can help me with this problem, please let me know.
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My husband has been unable to sleep the last couple of nights due to itching all over his body, especially on his hands and feet. He starting using Nioxin a few days ago. He has broken out in hives everywhere and his hands and feet are incredibly swollen. He went to the doc Saturday morning where they gave him steroids. We thought it might have been the new laundry detergent I was using, but have rewashed everthing with the old stuff and that didn't help. I am convinced it's this shampoo after reading others comments. The timing makes perfect sense.

Why is this product still on store shelves? It is not worth the suffering!
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I too have been effected by this shampoo.  My husband brought it home a couple of weeks ago per his sytlists suggestion.  About a week later, he was complaining of a burning sensation around his ears and he had swelling around his eyes.  We thought that he had either been bitten by something or had a severe sunburn on his ears and face as we had been outdoors the prior weekend.  

He suggested that I used the shampoo as he thought it was making his hair soft.  So I tried it.  Loved it, until this morning.  Not sure if it was the shampoo or the scalp treatment, but right after I used it, I noticed a burning sensation all over my face and a red rash down the side of my neck starting at my ears as well as a rapid pulse rate.  I jumped back in the shower to re-wash my hair with a different shampoo and rinsed out anything that was left in my hair.  Its a terrible feeling, and I am afraid I will have this side effect for at least a week.

Needless to say, neither of us will be using this shampoo/treatment again!
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I used the leave-in scalp treatment spray and within minutes my entire head and scalp and forehead and neck became bright red and it burned so immensely that I had to stay in an ice cold shower for 45 minutes before going to an emergency care facility.  It eventually subsided, but was very traumatic, especially in front of my 1 year old son.  I now have flashbacks every time I put anything on my skin, especially my own face or head or even my son's skin.
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Are all the posters here keeping records, and going to their doctors? This product sounds insane.
It obviously is still for sale, so a letter from a doctor or a consumer to the company would illicit some response I would think. I would be interested to hear if any one of these posters has taken this further.
I am also wondering, if you are all on treatment for HCV, if perhaps it's a product that can't be used with ribavirin, or Interferon, or one of the 2 PI's.
Only one person has posted with no problems after use.
I know this post is up to 10 years old, but I am assuming that Fleish has had a recent episode.
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  During Hep C Tx, the Riba causes our skin to be irritated by things that have fragrances, or even the sun.
  Just the name of that stuff sounds harsh, and I can only imagine the smell of it...it doesn't read "cruelty free, organic, not tested on animals"..that's for sure!
   If people are concerned about hair loss ( I felt helpless when mine started coming out in strands of 12-20 hairs, when I ran my fingers thru it) then I
can say that I had some success with the vitamin B called Biotin. But I didn't take it until after I stopped Tx (which strangely, is when my hair started falling out, around 4 weeks post tx)
  Rather then risk a horrible medical reaction, I would opt for a pretty scarf, wrapped strategically around the head, or a cute hat, not to mention there is a wig fad going on these days~
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Started using this in august and at first had no issues.Then one day broke out with hives and redness all over neck,back,legs.Could not understand it and thought it might be stress.DEAD WRONG!!!!!!!!!This junk is dangerous.Hope more people post their issues.I used a shampoo for hair loss named Couvre and it was perfect.They discontinued it and my wife suggested this.Spencer Forest has a shampoo called topix which I had no trouble with and that is where im headed.
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