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Do not know what I have?

Dear Community I hope you doing well.

Since May I have some issues with my groin and so far have no idea what it is. I Will begin with details
May 10 felt my testicle was higher than normal. I have always had it and did not think much of it. May 12 remembered that It could be serious so went to the doctor. May 12 urologist saw me and said I had a Hernia. Fast forward   6 hours later in the ER and ultra sounds doctors did not found any. A week later went to my general doctor and said he did not feel any. Doctors said I tore my groin. General Doctor said it was a black nerve in my back. Now June and I am still afraid it could be a hernia since When I put pressure in the. bathroom I feel some pain under the testicles.
Question is what could it be?

Has anyone experience something like this? Also, I can stand up but when I bend over my groin and hip hurt like a  pull. Not all the time but sometimes. Finally in this past months I was going for  run a lot and not lifting because Gym were close. Let me know if you have something in mind?
Thank you
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Hernias are sometimes not visible on ultrasound; consider alternative modalities such as CT or MRI.
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