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Hiatal Hernia?

Hi all,

I have been having a range of symptoms recently and am keen to find out if they may be related to hiatal hernia. I haven't yet gone to my GP.

* globus
* feeling of tightness/clenching in oesophagus
* discomfort after eating but NO acid/burn or pain
* breathlessness/feeling I can't take a deep breath
* headrush/yawning all the time but unsatisfactorily

I have been to my GP with symptoms of anxiety but have never been investigated.

Can any help or shed light? Thanks in advance

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I share many of your symptoms.  I also have a hiatal hernia.  It affects the vagas nerve.  That can cause many disruptions.  Many MDs only look for gerd or acid reflux as the main symptom.  In my case the damage was done over years.  I changed my food intake and no longer get reflux, but the hernia remains, and so do the symptoms.  Read up on the vagas nerve, and many questions will be answered.  And yes, the vagas nerve causes anxiety.  Much like a nerve struck in your tooth, the nerve in your stomach can cause a bodily reaction.  Hope this helps.  ps  Docs dont like to talk about the vagas nerve.  Probably because they dont have solutions.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Hiatal hernia is the sliding of the stomach into the chest cavity. This can cause the symptoms described by you. This is usually diagnosed with an endoscopy and sometimes with x rays. This can also cause symptoms of heart burn. This is usually treated surgically.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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