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Is Yahoo Phone Number UK 0800 086 8676 Yahoo Helpline Number UK?

Hello Mr/Mrs.
Is 0800-086-8676 UK Yahoo phone Number Technical Support Number?

I need help with my Yahoo Email Account. I am not able to access my email account from the past 1 month, i know the password of my email account. But whenever i enter my password its telling that the user name or the password is incorrect. I tried to reset the password online, all i am getting on the screen is An alternative email ID, i don't have that email anymore that was a work email ID and i don't work there anymore. i tried several times to reset my password. Now i am getting message you cant reset your password online contact Yahoo Support.
The issue is there is no number on the screen, there is just a message contact Yahoo Support.
I goggled Yahoo Phone Number and the Yahoo Support Number. I am getting Several Phone Numbers on the screen and i don't know which one is the real Yahoo Phone Number where i can reach them.
I got this Number on my screen several times 0800-086 8676.
I just want to know is this the real Yahoo Phone Number where i can contact and get my Yahoo account fixed.
Or if you guys can help me with my Yahoo Account that will be great.
My Yahoo email ID is : "***@**** "
You can contact me on my outlook  ***@****
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