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Pilonidal cyst above anus, not sure. Very worried please help


I'm a 20 y/o male.

I'm honestly freaking out, please read and help

about two months ago I went to nearby city for a 12 hour party where I consumed mdma.
Towards the end of it I left and got on the train. The drugs made me super paranoid that there had been discharge
from my anus as I thought I felt something there. going to the toilet at the train station I wiped but there was nothing. However the tissue felt a bit moist though no color on it. Ever since then I have felt a kind of numbness near my anus but not what I would consider pain, just an odd sensation. Sometimes I feel like there has been discharge from my anus and when I go wipe it is nothing but the tissue is a little wet as if there is some transparent fluid. I've noticed a little pain and blood on the tissue if I ever wipe with too much force and so I've been gentle and resorted to using water.
After taking a close look there seems to be a small hole or maybe inwards dent above my anus and the skin surrounding it is a bit pinkish. The lump/hole/inwards dent feels tender. It's been two months I thought this would go away but it hasn't. I have crippling social anxiety and haven't left the house for a month because of paranoia about discharge on the streets. Please help
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Here are pictures of the problem
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