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Ultrasound Shows Hernia...Surgeon Says No. HELP

Hi Everyone.

I have a 17 year old son. He's been complaining of a dull pain/discomfort in his lower right groin area. We went to the doctor yesterday, who didn't feel a hernia, but sent him for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was at 2pm. They ultrasounded his right groin area, along with his testicles. We get a call from the doctors office at 4pm that states we must meet with a G/I surgeon ASAP, that he has a Right Inguinal Hernia, and part of his bowel is twisted. They said it was urgent, his bowel could become necrotic, he'd get gangrene, etc.

So, we just saw the surgeon. He says there is no hernia. My son is extremely thin, and the doctor says there just isn't a hernia there. When I asked about the radiologists report, he said it was wrong. He said my son most likely has a severe groin pull due to athletics. He ordered no sports/exertion of any kind for 6 weeks, and if the discomfort hasn't gotten better, to return.  

I can't help but be bothered. I cannot just ignore a radiologist report, can I? But the GI surgeon is a top surgeon, and this is his specialty.

Do I just wait the 6 weeks? See another doctor?

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Hi, understand your anxiety. Hernia is mostly a clinical diagnosis. Ultrasonographically it is difficult to assess a hernia as the gas in the bowel is a hinderance to sound waves. Besides, if there is gangrene or necrosis to bowel, it is an emergency, it will manifest with abdominal rigidity, severe pain and other systemic manifestations. If your son is not having these symptoms now, its unlikely he is having a bowel obstruction. So, follow up with the advice given by the GI specialist. Regards.
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