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Will you always getting flu like symptoms with a primary herpes out break?
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yes, I expereinced flu-like symptoms with the first genital herpes outbreak and body ache  The primary outbreak was very painful and uncomfortable
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It's strange how symptoms differ from person to person. I got infected with HSV2 almost a year back. I've always had burning sensation in my penis since day one, not even valtrex has helped. It's like i'm on a daily outbreak. I can't recall ever having flu, blisters or sores. I also had terrible diarrhoea for 2 weeks from day one. Muscle and joint aches set in after two months of infection but stopped. Burning sensation around lips, face and body joints ocassionally come and go.
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How were you diagnosed? Have you had a type specific IgG blood test to make sure it's hsv2 that is causing your symptoms?

You could also have something else going on - genital hsv2 wouldn't cause face burning like that. That could be an allergy.

For the burning in your penis - have you had a rectal exam? You could have an inflamed prostate or even an anal fissure causing that. I'd hate for you and your doctors to miss something easily treated because you are all focused on herpes.
Thanks! I'll look into the burning in penis again, probably some other infection as you pointed.  It's still baffling how everything coincided with the herpes infection from one unprotected sex. I've never had any allergies before to cause this facial burning. It intensifies whenever the penis burning peaks up. I thought I had unknowingly spread the virus to my face by hand contact or during shower.

The HSV2 was confirmed by an IgG serum test if i remember correctly.
I too have a contact feeling in the tip of my penis. No burning when I pee. It’s just feels like there’s something in the tip. I’ve done numerous urineanalysis and all were normal. No blood or white blood cells. I plan on requesting a visit to a urologist as I too thought herpes was causing it after I got these bumps that would appear and disappear in less than 3 days all after oral sex
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It depends. A true primary infection means that you don't have either hsv1 or 2, and get infected with either type. Many people get flu like symptoms that include aches, fevers, headaches, etc., but may not get nausea or diarrhea.

If you get hsv2, and have hsv1 already, your initial outbreak may be much milder.

Also, keep in mind that most people with herpes don't even know they have it because their symptoms are so mild or they get no symptoms.

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I had no flu-like symptoms on my first outbreak last year, yet have had them many times since on recurrences. I get recurrences every few weeks which always begin with a sudden onset of a mild fever / disorientation, and are followed a few hours to a day later with intense burning in my thighs and hips.
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