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Hi,so I am freaking out. I recently engaged in giving a guy unprotected oral sex December 8... About a week later, I had swollen tonsils and a low fever. However, they gave me ZPAK and that got rid of it. Fast forward a few months February 20 ( 10.5 Weeks after exposure) I was given blood tests. IGM and IGG.
IGM Combined was- 1.62 (H)
IGG Hsv1-.0420
IGG Hsv2- .296

I have read countless posts about disregarding the IGM as it gives many false positives... I am still worried and it has been ruining my life. Other than the tonsillits a week after, I had no lesions or anything... Hoping some one can ease my mind..
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The IgM is worthless. My own were negative when it should have been positive, and positive when it should have been negative.

You gave oral sex. Oral hsv2 is very rare, and even if he had ghsv1, that rarely transmits, as it sheds and recurs infrequently. If your only exposure was giving oral sex, I see no reason to worry at all. I understand your concern with the sore throat, but that could have been so many things, and herpes wouldn't be near the top of the list if you had no sores or blisters.





Act as if you never had the IgM, and know that your risk was very, very low.

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What about if he had Oral HSV2 on his genitals?.... My GYN said it's POSSIBLE to get it of the mouth. And I read that HSV2 can present itself as tonsilitis if contracted from oral sex.. She wants to test me again in 6 months... Do you think 2 negative IGGs (hsv1 &2) at 73 days after exposure is pretty conclusive? I know they say 3 months but that is pretty close..
Also isn't an IGM even more irrelevant  after like 5+ weeks after exposure and is it possible that I can have a positive IGM and not have EITHER hsv 1 or 2?
Okay, I'm sorry - I wasn't very clear.

When I said oral hsv2, I meant for you. If he had hsv2 genitally, that would be genital hsv2.

Yes, you getting oral hsv2 is possible. It's just unlikely. Yes, it can present itself as tonsillitis, but you as I said, you would probably also have sores or blisters with it.

You don't need to test again in 6 months - that's way too long. By 6 weeks, 70% of people will show positive on a test. You're at almost 2.5 months. Testing at 4 months is considered conclusive by all standards.

I really wouldn't worry about this, but test again at 4 months post exposure to be sure if it will make you feel better.

If you did get oral hsv2, it rarely sheds and rarely recurs, so you are very unlikely to ever transmit it if you have it.
Sorry one more thing I also would like to add about 6 weeks later the swollen tonsils came back but it was 38x worse. I had swollen tonsils white patches, painful swallowing, etc. My doctor had to put me on oral steroids.. I'm thinking that COULD HAVE been mono.. or can herpes possibly cause that to happen as well?
I know that 4 months is conclusive but i feel that the IGGs would have been + by now especially being that this is my first exposure. I dont even have hsv1 like most adults.
Yes, I think we were cross-posting, but 70% would be positive by now, and since you don't have either type, your first outbreak would likely be more severe.

Herpes could probably cause at 6 weeks, but by 6 weeks, you'd probably have herpes antibodies that would have made that not so severe.

If that comes back, I'd see an ENT doc. I don't think it's related to herpes at all, but it may be something worth addressing with a specialist if it recurs.

Try to hang in there, okay? I know it's nerve-wracking, and along with everything else going on, the last thing you need are whacky herpes tests.

Stay safe and healthy!

I plan on getting one more test at around the 4 month mark (April 8) do you think the IGG could spike/change to positive from 10 weeks to 16 weeks?
I'd be surprised. It's not impossible, but statistically, it's unlikely to happen.
Hi auntiejessi sorry to bother you again, but I want to know what to expect when I get tested again... So according to the IGG I dont have EITHER hsv1 or hsv2... I know you said the IGM means nothing, but my OBGYN said a positive IGM means I definitely  have EITHER type... But I saw many posts where people who tested + on IGM, STILL came back postive for both types. Is that true?
I'd be really surprised if you tested positive on the IgG after a negative on both tests at 10 weeks.

Sure, people can test positive after a positive IgM - I mean, a broken clock is right twice a day.

Go with the IgG. I don't know how long it's been since your doctor has refreshed her herpes knowledge, but it's seriously out of date. In 2015, at least, the CDC recommended against using the IgM test. She should be following those guidelines if she is testing for and treating STDs.

I understand that listening to some stranger on the internet who is going against your doctor goes against basic logic. I get it. The links I gave you above explain why the IgM shouldn't be used.

Hang in there. I know this is stressful.
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