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Heat Sores Above Penis in Genital Area

After pulling a 24 hr duty at work, in a hot enviorment, i went home and noticed that above my penis, hidden in the pubic hair region there was a line of what looked like heat blisters. When i scraped one a clear like fluid came out and it left a red opening to the sore. I decided to shave the region thinking it must be because of the heat and revealed a series of these bumps, that were obviously popped by the razor I used.  I cleaned the area and used Talc thinking it would cool the itching and pain, but it seemed to make it worse. So now i have bigger scabs than the size of legion and it is still painful and sensitive to touch in that area. Do you have any idea what i might have or were they just heat bumps.
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Hi my boyfriend digs and works with gas lines all day in the heat and he gets those all the time. I'm not saying to dismiss it as that I'm just saying it might just be from working in the heat. Boyfriend gets them on his waist line, pubic area, chest, and sometimes his butt. Again don't dismiss it as just heat bumps get it looked at if your really concerned
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I agree - if these are new for you, best to be seen and get them looked at. depending what caused them, shaving over them was the worst thing you could do. be sure to properly clean your razor and replace the blade if you can.  

have you ever been tested for herpes to know your status? if you have a partner, have they been tested?

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