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HerpeSelect results...are they accurate?

I was tested at 15 weeks and 5 days past exposure. I tested using the HerpeSelect test and tested NEGATIVE for both HSV1/HSV2. Can I trust these results? I also got a swab test which was negative. I had dryness on my labia and it led to some cuts. I found out I had a yeast infection and BV.

I have a bump sort of near my urethra that is underneath the skin. It has a hair growing out of it. There's another red bump on one of my labia but I shaved the day before yesterday...so maybe it was that?

So can I pretty much rule out herpes? Thank you!

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I also wore underwear that I'm not sure if I washed before wearing them (they are mine) is it possible that I have transmitted something to myself?
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it's easiest for us if you just keep adding to your original post instead of making new post each time. this is asked in our read before posting post on this forum.

yes you can trust test results at the 15 week mark. congratulations on being negative!
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