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Herpes, finally get a conclusion?

I came on here last year to write a post following an encounter.

Over a year ago I had a sexual encounter with someone new, it was later confirmed she carried HSV1 by blood test. We had unprotected oral, and sexual intercourse. A couple of days after I developed flu like symptoms, and a bout of itching in the genital area. This lasted a couple of weeks, but I never developed any obvious what you would call painful lesions anywhere.

Time has passed and I’ve now had several iGG type specific blood tests privately via TDL labratorry in the UK. These happened at 55 days (1 month 25 days), 122 days (3 months 30 days), 240 days (7months 25 days) and 401 days (1 Year 1 month). When are these tests considered accurate?

The reason I’m asking is I’m trying to finally get some closure on what the problem I have is.

The itching went away, as did the flu like symptoms but I have problems with burning sensations, these occur in my buttocks, groins and thighs on both sides that comes and goes, and I have read that a sign of herpes was nerve pain associated with burning. I also get the odd red mark on the head and foreskin of my penis, but again never anything painful so not sure if these are related, I do have pictures of this red marks if I can show a picture some how. I’ll be fine one day then I’ll randomly get the burning for a couple of days and then it’ll fade.

Can anyone shed any light on to my tests and symptoms and whether it’s likely to be herpes the tests are missing?

Thankyou in advance
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Test are conclusive at 12 weeks. Igg test are 70% accurate for hsv1 92% accurate for hsv2
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What you describe is not herpes. I don't know what it is, but it certainly isn't herpes. There are lots of other causes of nerve pain like you describe. For some reason you have really focused in on herpes. You need to remove this as the cause. It's something else.
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