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Unprotected sex with stripper

I had Unprotected sex with stripper...I had ejaculated inside her.not sure about her hiv status..I went to ER after 20 hrs of the incident and they put me on pep and tested my hiv which came -ve.

My questions are
What are my chances of getting herpes..this is the first time in my life i did the foolish thing
She did not have any blisters or open sores on her vagina
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Your chances are lower as a man than if you was a women.
the fact she didn't have blisters is reassuring.

Its hard to put a number on this in regards to risk. You have probably done the riskiest type of sex possible, but in couples that we know are HSV positive they have partners that never catch HSV - they do this via careful avoidance of sex wile symptomatic and just good luck.

All in all your chances are low. Not very low. But low.

If you get to the two week mark with know blisters it would be very low then.

Try and stay calm. Nothing can be done now.
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Thanks for the reply.i am getting her tested for herpes..if she gets low number or is -ve,then i should not worry about herpes right
So my partner got her results ..she has hsv1 igg 1.02h and hsv2 igg 0.95h..and report says equivocal..does that mean she can be positive also
It could - it is far more likely to be negative.

Even if she has herpes, it doesn't mean you got it. Chances are better that you didn't than you did. Even if you were in a long term relationship with a woman who has hsv2, the chances that you'd get it from her over the course of a year if all you do is avoid sex during an outbreak are 4%.

Try to not panic here.

I wouldn't worry about this.

Have you tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia?
Yes on second day of  encounter and they are -ve,i was given a shot and was prescribed doxycycline ...I am planning to take herpes test today just to see if i had herpes before this encounter (5/31/20222)..also one after 30 and 60 days of encounter..any suggestions on this
It can take up to 12 weeks to test positive for herpes. The tests look for antibodies, and it takes time for them to develop, though many develop them much sooner. I did at 2 weeks.

You can test now, but I'd wait until 6 weeks to test again, and then again at 12 weeks.

Please keep in mind that there are false positives on the hsv2 IgG, and it's fairly common to get one. Unraveling that can take weeks and a lot of money, so don't test too often.

Also, the hsv1 IgG misses 30% of infections. You could have that and it not pick up on it.

Really, this is a lot of fuss for a low chance.
Oh ok..will take at 6 and 12 weeks and see what will be the outcome..fingers crossed..thank you for the info
so my results came as hsv1 negative and hsv2 0.97..was not expecting 0.97..should I be concerned. I know it is not positive ,does it mean earlier I could had  hsv2 before this encounter?
No, it doesn't mean you had herpes before. Herpes doesn't go away.

Herpes IgG tests can sometimes pick up normal blood proteins because the test looks for things that are a certain weight, and sometimes there are blood proteins with similar molecular weights as herpes antibodies.

I wouldn't worry about it at all. Not even a little bit. :)
Oh ok..thanks so much for info..appreciate your time
I have one more question.if herpes is in dormant stage can it still be detected by blood test(IGG) after 3 months?
Yes it can.
So I took herpes test at 3 weeks after encounter and it came out as  hsv1 negative and hsv2 1.01..it increased from 0.97 to 1.01,does that mean my antibodies are slowing developing and i have hsv2? Or is the result still not reliable..i dont have any lesions as of now after encounter
It's hard to say.

It could be a new infection building, or it might mean nothing at all.

I know it's hard to wait, but the hsv2 IgG has false positives so it's important that you don't test too often. You aren't even at 3 weeks yet. You're encounter was May 30, corrent?

Try really hard to not test again until 6 or 8 weeks. You need some time to develop antibodies, if you are, and testing every week or so isn't enough time to see if it's actual antibodies.
Thanks Auntie Jessi....Yeah my encounter was may27th..will take another test on july 9th and  if it still shows same equivocal will take westernblot..if partner had hsv2 as 0.95 when she tested on june 2nd that means she doesnot have active infection right and also no lesions..can she  transmit with having so much low numbers
They won't do a Western Blot until you hit 12 weeks. You shouldn't want it before then because it may not be accurate.

.95 is equivocal, and not positive. That means she isn't positive, and can't spread something she doesn't have. Most equivocal/indeterminate tests end up being negative.

Really, and I say this with compassion, you need to chill. You've had no symptoms, she had no symptoms. She didn't test positive, and you aren't either.

If you were in a long term relationship with her, and if she actually had hsv2 by confirmed test, and you had unprotected sex with her 2-3x a week while avoiding sex during symptoms, you'd have a 4% chance over the course of a year of getting it from her.

Your chances of getting it from a one time encounter are very low.

If I could convince you not to test until 12 weeks, I would suggest that. I don't think you could do that. Test at 6 and 12 weeks. Don't do more than that. You'll increase your chances of a false positive, which will send your anxiety into levels that you'll need therapy for.

Go enjoy your weekend and don't think about this. :)
Thank you..Sure.i will not test..just to be clear,test after 6 weeks means ,6 weeks from encounter date right not 6 weeks from todays date
Yes, test from the encounter date. Whenever I say test at X weeks, it's from the encounter date.
My partner got her STD test done at quest lab day before yesterday 6/11/2022.her results came out as negative  for both hsv1 and 2 (<0.90).so it was taken 45 days after my encounter with her..with this test can I be assured that she was not having  hsv1 and 2  during my encounter which was on 5/27/2022,or still there a chance that she can have  genetail herpes  and was not detected in the 4th gen test that she took at quest diagnostic center.I dont have any symptoms till date ,I am planning to take my next test on 6/25/2022 which will be eight weeks  and next one on aug 12th which will be 12 weeks
70% of people test positive by 6 weeks. I don't know her history, but she is probably conclusively negative. You probably are too.

You had unprotected sex with a stranger. That she has tested this often for you is above and beyond.

Let it go now, and let her be.

Thanks Auntiejessi for the reply..yeah she was very helpful...I will update after my tests..hopefully it will come negative..thanks again
I'm sure they will be.

Hi AuntieJessi....I took IGG AND Westernblot after 14 weeks of exposure and both came out negative...through this 14 weeks I did not notice any blisters or lesion ..just one small white colured bump on the base of the Penis..it was not painful or itchy ...i did not get it swabbed..when I squeezed it little pus and blood came out

But I started getting tingling,burning in my both inner thighs and groin almost everyday  after 13 weeks and never had any outbreak. I was reading through few posts and see many people with ghsv2 complaining about the same burning sensations and also some people who were confirmed negative having the same burning and itching for many months after exposure without any lesions or blisters

Do you think my body still did not develop detectable antibodies yet..this burning and tingling in inner thighs is complete new to my body..Please let me know if you heard about any cases who turned positive after 15 weeks
I tested negative for all other STD's
You have a negative WB. You do NOT have herpes. That is the very best test and is 100% conclusively negative.

I have never heard of anyone developing antibodies after 12 weeks. Have you been taking antivirals?

Burning and tingling, contrary to what everyone else thinks, are NOT common herpes symptoms. They may be prodrome - warning signs that an outbreak is coming, but those would only last 2 days, tops.

Burning and tingling are most often anxiety. It might also be a hernia, a back issue, or things along those lines. It is NOT herpes.

You tested 100% conclusively negative - on both an IgG and WB - for herpes. You don't need any more tests and you don't need to worry about this any further.
no I am not taking antivirals ..I dont have pain ..i just have burning and tingling sensation in inner thighs..I will get tested for my Hernia and back and will update you..thank you so much...
If you aren't taking antivirals, there is no reason to question your tests.

Definitely start looking at other causes, including anxiety. Good luck!
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