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Herpes Prevention With Condom

Hello -- I wonder if I can get some clarification on why Herpes is so easily spread, even with use of condoms.  This is because the condom only cover the penile shaft, and the area around the groin and testicles come into contact with the partner's genitals -- and these areas are all at-risk?

I wonder if you'd indulge in a thought experiment.  This logic would state that -- if the man's penis is out through his zipper (meaning: his groin and thighs are still covered) and he was wearing a condom for penetrative sex, but kept a bit of distance to ensure that absolutely no part of the receiving partner's skin came into contact with the bit of exposed skin at the base of the penis where the condom ends... this would seem an unlikely, if not impossible scenario for contracting the virus.

Is this correct?  Just having a brainstorm and wanted an opinion.
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Herpes is not easily spread statistically it would be very hard to get get herpes properly using a condom. The skin that is covered by the condom is where the virus would be more likely to enter the body because the skin is thinner.

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Transmission rates for hsv2 from female to male in couples that have unprotected sex twice a week is 4% you add a condom and that is reduced by 1/2.
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Totally agree with Jamie.

We don't have studies on same-sex couples, but typically, men who have sex with men have higher rates of STDs than others. This is probably because of higher rates of anal sex.

We know that for male to female hsv2 transmission, the rates of infection is 8-10% if all you do is avoid sex during an outbreak. I'd guess - and it's purely a guess - that the rates for male to male transmission is a bit higher, if they engage in penetrative anal sex.

I don't know who your partners are, but wanted to include that, just in case your partners are also male/have penises.

Yes, you can protect yourself by leaving your clothing on, but really, that's not fun. And what message does that send to your partner?

If you are that concerned about STDs that you'd not totally remove your clothing, you really shouldn't be having sex until you address your anxiety.
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I should be more clear.  I am brainstorming strategies to reduce STI risk during intercourse with a high-risk female, such as a sex worker, not a partner.  Wondering about the potential efficacy of combining a condom with, say, boxer shorts to reduce exposure of the bottom bit of the penile shaft that is not covered by the condom, as well as the surrounding groin area.
Thanks for clarifying.

I use partner here to describe anyone you're having sex with. The relationship isn't so much of a concern for me - the activities are.

Certainly, sex workers have higher numbers of partners than some do, but for the most part, they are diligent about using condoms. They have to be - they are protecting themselves from you. They aren't so much worried about your health with the exception of how it impacts them.

Boxer shorts would protect both of you, as STDs can't go through clothing. If whatever clothing you choose shifts, of course, that could be problematic.

Just remember that the sex worker is human with human feelings, and treat her respectfully. It's okay to want to protect yourself, but they aren't walking diseases.
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