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Herpes or my nerves

I was was a women on 11-30 and we had unprotected sex. Around Dec 7 I used some clippers to shave some of my hairs around my penis and testicles.

On or around Dec 7 or 8 I was with a women and we did a lot of rubbing for a long time.

Around Dec 10 I noticed a small pimple on an area that use the clippers on my pelvis.  I also noticed a pain on the tip of my penis on the inside.  I have had the before but it was normally lower down the shaft on the inside.  I have Kidney stones often and have had enlarged prostate.  I also got very sick with cough fever but both my kids were sick too.  I went and got a blood test on Dec 12 and it came back negative but I know it was only a few weeks. I used some antibiotics around Dec 11 that I had left over from my dentist visit like 10 of them and the pain at the tip of the penis went away.  That following Monday I was having kidney stone pains as well.

My genital area was tender or rash type feeling pretty much ever since then. I feel often on my testicles a pinching feeling like you get when your hair is growing back and it been that way for like 70 days it comes and goes.

No lesions no blisters no pains and if when there was or is pain in the penis area when I urinate it doesn't burn or hurt it actually feels better.

I have had for the last 3 weeks have pimple like thinks on my chest right in the middle a group of about 17 pimples.  They dont hurt sometimes they itch but that is it.  

I contacted the women that I was dating and asked if she was sure she didnt have anything.  After much coaxing and badgering by me she said she went and got tested and she said she was positive for HSV. She wouldnt tell me what type or kind and she didnt want anything more to do with me.

I have been so distressed and nervous over this and I dont know if I am causing some of the issues or if I really do have HSV.  I am waiting a few more months to get a blood test again but just wondered if this sounds like HSV.  And if I have genital herpes can it spread to my chest?  Like I said no sores no lesions no blisters just a rash type feeling sometimes.  I know I was pretty sick for 5 days or so that is it.

Thanks for your answer.
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I also forgot to mention that When I was sick around Dec 12 I was coughing very strong and I felt a pulling or pain the gland area on the pelvis on the left side.  This gland seems to get very hard ever since then at times and is kind of painful.  This has been this way ever since then.
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Can you read my post and tell me what you think please?  I am so anxious and nervous.  

I started taking zinc, monolaurin and using coconut oil as a topical.

Today I felt a almost rash type feeling under testicle. It feels like the skin is soft and the hairs are poking me and is sensitive to the touch.  Its not all the time either.  

I also still have the swelling in the left pelvic area where the lymph gland is.  Its is like the whole thing its is about 3 inches long and like 2 inches wide and this have been pretty constant since dec 12.

Any input I would appreciate.
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you have to pay to post on Terri's forum. she doesn't come here. our read before posting post on the forum has more info if you haven't read it.

since you've had unprotected sex, you can test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trich and ngu if you didn't do so when you tested in december. You have to wait at least 6 weeks post encounter for syphilis testing and 3 months for herpes, hiv and hepatitis testing to properly cover your bases from your unprotected encounter in november.

your chest rash sounds like either pimples, a fungal rash or even a folliculitis. You will need to be seen and get it looked at if you haven't already.  

your genital symptoms don't sound std related either.  You also are wasting your money with the supplements you have started taking.  At this point you need to be seen and get a proper exam done to find out what is going on.  Nothing about this sounds herpes related but follow up with your std testing properly since you had unprotected sex.

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Thank you for your reply.  I did get tested for all those things.  and they came back negative.

The pimples on my chest havnt gone away and its been 3 and half weeks. I have to save money before I can go see a doctor again.
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