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Herpes scare....need urgent help

A year after my last kissing exposure (2 to 3)times French kissed a women i known for three months.Two years ago i had another such exposure with a different women for 2 to 3 times deep kissing. 10 months ago i learned about oral herpes and from then on i could not concentrate on anything. I feel like my life is over now. Although i do not see ang symptoms but i occassionally have nerver/lip vibrations near my lips and eyes. I was very scared to test but i am 90 percent sure i have this. I do not know what should i do for my rest of life. Can experts please suggest me some guidance on how to get through this.
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Can someone pkease respond
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Can anyone please respond
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You need to relax. If you really wanted to know, you could go get a blood test. Over half the population has the virus that can give you oral cold sores. Most people pick this up even as a child. It really isn’t a big deal. I wouldn’t give it too much thought if I were you.
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The encounters were for a minute or 2. They are 3 to 4 times. I am depressed why i did this in my life. I am very young and i have so many things to achieve in my career. I feel like all of  them have come to halt.  The community experts had told me my encounters are very low risk. My what i hear about it is very contagious and that makes me worry so much .
Listen to them. Very, very low risk if any at all. Just relax. This shouldn’t even be a thought right now causing you to be stressed.
@feelingundone @kygirlbbn1 my hsv 1 and hsv2 igg were non reactive. It did not show any numbers. Also the report show priliminary because i wanted the results for hsv1 and hsv2 asap. I did a complete panel test. Is there any other std which i am at risk. Also my hsv results are they conclusive as the test is only 99 percent effecttive.
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