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Herpes symptoms... what do I do next?

In mid August of 2012, I had a sexual encounter with a female, no protection..... very dumb.  This was my first encounter in over a year.  About 1-2 weeks after the encounter I began experiencing irritation, tingling, and general discomfort where the head of the penis meets the shaft.  I visually inspected my self several times per day and could not see anything out of the ordinary.  This continued for several days.  Days turned into weeks so I went to STDexpress and took their entire 8 panel test 5 weeks after the exposure.  Everything came back negative.  

The symptoms continued where the head of the penis meets the shaft.  Still nothing physically noticeable and I continued to check multiple times per day.  At this point I was beginning to have some on and off pain inside the penis as well.  However the pain did not seem any worse when I urinated.  I decided to go to a physician and they didn't seem worried at all with my circumstances and did not perform any tests.  I went back to STDexpress again at 9 weeks and had the same 8 panel test done again with all negative results.  

To condense the rest of my story, I'm feeling the same irritation in and around the head and inside the penis on a daily basis.  I've since gone back to STD express and had the 8 panel test repeated again at 12 weeks and at 24 weeks all test coming back negative each time.  However I'm still feeling the tingling and irritation and am not sure where to turn or who to ask what questions to.  I've been to two doctors who both seemed disinterested in my symptoms.  I've read of many cases where the HSV2 IGG test is not always accurate and can take many months for a positive ready to show up.  Neither of them will perform a HSV2 western blot which I'd like done because I've read that it is the gold standard in HSV2 tests.  I guess I'm looking for answers or suggestions.      
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you need to stop wasting your money with all this std testing at the wrong times!!

did they check your prostate when you were seen to see if it's enlarged?

nothing you've mentioned sounds like herpes going on.  you absolutely do not need a herpes WB done either!!!  you've had no symptoms indicative of herpes and you've already way over tested for herpes from this encounter!!

also call off the crotch watch too. sounds like you are irritating yourself from all the poking and prodding.

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Thank you for your reply but I don't understand your first comment.  I've been testing at the wrong times?  If so, then my results may not be accurate?  When is the correct time to be testing?

I did not have my prostate checked.  Doesn't it seem coincidental though that all of the pain and discomfort at the head of my penis began around a week after a sexual encounter?  

You said that nothing I mentioned sounds like herpes.  However, I've had the tingling and discomfort that began a week or two after the exposure.  The symptoms that I've felt relate very closely to those described as herpes symptoms.  

Are there other tests you'd recommend or anything you'd suggest I try to eliminate the discomfort I've been experiencing for the last 6 months at the head of my penis?

Thanks so much for your reply.  
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std testing has to be done at the right times to be accurate.  gonorrhea, trich, chlamydia and ngu can be tested after 1 week post encounter. syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months. you tested too early for some of those and even after you tested negative at the proper times, you continue to test which is why you over tested .

these are not herpes symptoms you are having!!!  continue to follow up with an urologist as needed.
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As I said, I had all 8 tests done at std express (gonorrhea, chlamydia, HSV I, HSV II, syphilis, hep A, hep B, and HIV) at 5,9,12, and 24 weeks.  From what you've said, some of these tests were done at the wrong times to actually be accurate?  So can I be confident that the results I got back are actually accurate or have I missed my window of opportunity of testing to get accurate results?  Do any of these tests get less accurate as the post exposure time gets longer?  Or should all of these tests actually become more accurate as the time from post exposure gets larger?  

I've been to a urologist and he told me very bluntly that they do not test for std's or treat std's.  He said that's not what "this clinic" does.  This is the message he told me after I waited weeks to get in for an appointment that I thought may finally help me clarify what is going on with me.  

I am just so frustrated and don't know what to do next......  
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