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I'm not sure if I have herpes or not..?

About one month ago I noticed a collection of small bumps ONLY on my mons pubis. I haven't had sex in months so I haven't shaved recently so I knew they weren't shaving bumps. I went to my gyno the next day and he stated he was 99.9% sure it was herpes and started the medication Valtrex. He did a skin swab, however they don't itch and they don't hurt so i didn't think it was Herpes. Anyway a week later, the medication did nothing they were still there. And my test results came back negative.

So a few days later I went to my planned parenthood clinic for a second opinion, she stated it didn't look like herpes at all and looked like it was contact dermatitis or something along those lines. She was able to pop them and pus came out and said herpes bumps don't have pus. She told me just to put on some hydrocortisone cream and it'll heal.

Fast forward to today, some of them have gone away and new ones have appeared. It doesn't hurt, only when i squeeze really hard i feel some pain. It doesn't itch, its just kinda ugly and I have no clue what it could be. They are still only on my mons pubis not inside or on my vaginal lips. I don't have pus in them anymore just blood so that kinda worries me. Before i spend my money on a third appointment i was hoping someone could give me some advice or insight. That would be so much appreciated.

The first image is how it was a month ago, I did shave that spot so it could be seen better:


This one is just a closer up of how it is currently:

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Planned parrenthood had it right. Everything they told you was accurate. It's not herpes
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