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Initial Outbreak

I've seen quite a lot on this forum that with a low risk encounter, if there are no lesions developed 2-20 days after exposure, then there is no indication of herpes and no further testing is required. Does this mean that there is always a first outbreak regardless of whether it'll be asymptomatic afterwards? Also, is the likelihood of having a first outbreak the same for HSV-1 and HSV-2, or is one more commonly always asymptomatic than the other?
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You were told in the STD forum that you had a no-risk encounter, not a low-risk.

Herpes is spread via direct skin to skin contact, such as mouth to mouth, mouth to genital, or genital to genital. Hands to not spread STDs, even if any body fluids are involved.

You do not need to test, you will not get symptoms.
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In addition to hands and saliva, I did have protected genital to genital contact, which is what prompts me to ask. After considering this, is the encounter considered no risk or low risk?
In addition, you mention direct skin-to-skin contact, does this mean skin contact without a condom, or with a condom as well?
If you had protected genital to genital contact, as in protected sex with a condom, that is considered very low risk. You didn't mention that before.

Condoms offer significant protection against herpes, but not full. It's low risk enough to not spend time worrying about it.

Are you this concerned because you went outside of a regular relationship? Remember that guilt doesn't equal risk, but remember this feeling the next time. No judgement, but it seems like anxiety is getting to you. Protect your mental health.  
Thank you for your comments. Yes it may be anxiety as I have never checked myself this much after an encounter, but I'm doing it this time because I just found out condoms aren't 100% protective, wehereas I thought they were before. I will just trust your comments and move on if no blisters show up. Thanks.
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