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Milk of Magnesia and Herpes transmission

Milk of Magnesia is often used as a facial primer because it has de-greasing properties and makes the skin matte. As a basic solution (10.5 pH), Milk of Magnesia can also be used as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, or anti-viral (or so I've read). But can the Herpes Simplex Virus be spread from person to person through the use of Milk of Magnesia, as in, one person applies it to her face and then another person, sharing the solution, applying it to her face shorty afterward?
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This is a new one for me; I have never heard of MOM being used in this way, nor that it has any anti-infective action. And certainly I have never heard of herpes or any other STD being transmitted by contaminated MOM.  I see no reason for any concern about it.
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Some "experts" and make up artists claim that Milk of Magnesia works well as a primer for make-up, and many people swear by these properties. But it begs the question: if used like make-up, wouldn't it be a possible mode of transmission?

Better yet, are Basic substances a possible way to transfer the virus?
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This has to be an exceedingly low risk, if any risk at all. Nobody has ever been known to catch herpes by indirect contact, only by direct exposure to a partner's genital or oral tisses. Don't worry about it.
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And I haven't the slightest idea whether alkaline substances are more or less likely than acidic or neutral ones to transmit HIV.
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