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Nondirect Contact for herpes

Hello you guys. I have a serious question about  Hsv1, or at least a personal question. Back in October I met this young lady & we bonded. As the went on, she announced the fact that she suffered from Hsv1 orally & genitally, but she did not take any medication for it. Long story short, the night ended with her masturbating. After, I gave her a hjg, but she accidentally grabbed for my hand after I let go, forgetting that she recently just touched her genital area seconds before. Only her index finger touched mine. After a few words, I left out the door, but wasn't able to wash my hands until I got home. I thought nothing of it at the time, but after research I've seen that the virus can live on the skin for 2 hours & you can contract it by touching the face (Eyes, nose, or mouth) Am I now infected as well ? The girl also told me she contracted the virus approximately 12 days before we met (so around this time, she could have been having a primary outbreak, asymptomatic shedding). Can someone please give me some information ? I would definitely appreciate it.

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There is no risk to you. It requires direct, unclothed contact to transmit:

* oral to oral - kissing
* oral to genital - oral sex
* genital to genital - either heavy grinding or penis in vagina sex
* genital to anal - either heavy grinding or anal sex

It does not transmit from casual touches, hugs, etc., even if she had touched herself.

Also, if she was in the middle of her primary outbreak, it is unlikely that she would be masturbating. It is very painful.

Have you ever been tested for hsv1? 67% of people under 50 have this globally, and upwards of 90% never get symptoms. You can ask your doctor for a type specific IgG herpes blood test, or go to stdcheck.com, letsgetchecked.com or healthlabs.com if you are in the US.
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I think she's asymptomatic. I've actually never seen her with a cold sore & I've known her for 8 months now. & no ma'am. Only because I am still a virgin & I think that night was my first exposure to the virus though.
But are you also saying I had no no risk because of her touching my hand with her fingers ??
Yes, that is what I'm saying. The skin on your hand is too thick for the virus to penetrate. Also, by the time she grabbed your hand, or touched it or whatnot, her hand had been exposed to air, touched other things, probably been wiped on something, etc. If there was any virus on her hand, it had degraded enough to not be able to transmit.

Really, you're okay.
Thank you for reassuring me ma'am, but she didn't touching any other thing. Her hand went from her genital area directly to hugging me, & she accidentally touched. But I take your answer as the same would be for me. Basically, if it was to have gotten on my hand, I would have touched other things/been exposed to air, so it would have been degraded. If that is the case, thank you so much for answering my question. It sincerly means alot to me.
Yes, that's what it means.

Also, the skin on most of your body is too thick for the virus to penetrate. The thinner mucus membranes of your genitals are much easier to infect, and the skin on your hands, arms, legs, back, etc., can not be.
Can I ask you approximately how long does it stay on the skin of someone else ? If you can't answer this it's fine. You have helped me tremendously ma'am. & I will be getting tested soon. I actually didn't know the percentage of people with it were so high. Thank you
This is a no risk situation. You don't need to be tested, unless you are trying to find out if you have it already.

I don't know if any studies have been done on how long it would live on the skin - I can't find any. We do know it doesn't infect thicker skin, and doesn't transmit this way.

Really, you are way overthinking this.

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